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relationship quizIn my many years as an Intuitive Counselor and Healer, I have found simple and revolutionary techniques to help us heal and live in peace.  I have learned that when we investigate ourselves and unblock our issues at the depth of our souls, we are then free to create the life we want and to have real authentic love. We manifest by healing.


And to heal we must ask the deep questions of the heart- the right questions that move us beyond mediocrity and into thehigher dimensional extraordinaryrealms of love.


Know thyself.
To thine own self be true.


If love is what you are wanting, free the gates of your heart.
Take the Relationship Quiz.
Investigate yourself and change.




1.    What do I want in a relationship
2.    List 5-10 qualities that I must have in a partner
3.    Am I ready for true love
4.    Am I done taking crumbs and settling for less
5.    Am I brave enough to walk through the fire of purification for great love
6.    Can I live in full integrity and truth
7.    Can I become what I want in a partner
8.    Do I know that self-love is the secret to finding true love
9.    How do I rate my self-esteem on a scale of 1-10
10.    Do I love myself unconditionally
11.    Am I too critical of myself
12.    Am I healthy enough to attract a healthy relationship
13.    Do I sacrifice myself and my needs in order to be loved
14.    Am I honest with others and my partner
15.    Do I show my real self or hide who I really am
16.    Do I have healthy boundaries
17.    Do I hold onto my family story to define me
18.    Am I too needy
19.    Do I give too much
20.    Do I get my needs met
21.    Do I take bad treatment from my partner
22.    What happens in all my relationships no matter how they begin
23.    What issues and baggage do I bring to a relationship
24.    What patterns and themes keep repeating
25.    Do the problems always feel familiar
26.    Is my present relationship a repeat of another relationship
27.    What is the drama in my relationships
28.    What do I scream about in my relationships
29.    What makes me angry right now
30.    What are my relationships asking me to see and heal within myself
31.    Do I know that relationships are a mirror to show me, me
32.    Do I know I must face what I must face or issues will appear in my next relationship
33.    Why am I in my current relationship
34.    Does fear of being alone motivate me to stay where I am
35.    Do I know the secret of relationships is to heal myself first
36.    Do I know that we often marry our issues
37.    What are my beliefs about relationships
38.    Are relationships scary? Why?
39.    What do I fear about love
40.    What am I afraid my partner will find out about me
41.    What did I never say to my partner
42.    What do I really believe about men and women? Men are… Women are…
43.    Do I believe a relationship will save me
44.    Am I waiting for a relationship in order to be happy
45.    What did my childhood teach me about relationships
46.     What did my mom and dad teach me about love
47.    Can I track the negative patterns to my past childhood wounds
48.    Am I afraid of having my parents relationship
49.    What do I regret
50.    Do I run from my past?  Why
51.    What past relationship is still with me energetically- and why
52.    Who broke my heart
53.    Who stole my energy
54.    Do I blame my partners for my unhappiness
55.    Do I wait for others to change
56.    Can I take responsibility for my life right now
57.    Do I understand I must make the choice to be happy
58.    Can I treat myself like a king/queen
59.    Can I become a positive instead of a negative person right now
60.    What am I waiting for


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