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the treesIt is time to set the record straight.  It is time to heal women and get her back to self- love and self -esteem. It is time for her sacred revolution, for resurrecting the goddess within and restorying her story in his story. We must honor again the inner beauty and power of being a real woman, a queen.  For when she regains her throne the sovereignty of the self, the men and the world will follow. In the royalty of her power, she is the lighthouse inspiring and inviting others to do the same.  Women first.


Her healing is simple.   She can awaken and transform in about twenty minutes if you tell her truth, the things she needs to know.  No one else needs to be present. Only herself and a spiritual vow, I am now ready to transform.

The lifesaving information is to tell her the truth that she has been brainwashed, and that she can heal quickly through feminine law, the empowering vows of self –love.


In a moment she can embrace the profound wisdom that women are and always was and always will be the enlightening strength of every civilization.  By restoring the image of womanhood, we pay honor to her mothering energy of love and compassion and thus the spiritual survival of the world.  As stated in the Vedic Scriptures, The degree to which women are respected is the degree to which a society prospers.  Respect for women humanizes a society.

The problem started from the beginning.  Throughout the globe, throughout the centuries, women have been assaulted and manipulated and lied to.  Original documents of the goddess have been hidden and burned.  Herstory has been history, of man through his conquests of war and women delegated to secondary creature and like Eve in the garden, blamed for the fall from grace.  History has been a damaging deception, a horrific crime of such magnitude, that it has raped the soul of womanhood, cut off her true potential, her authentic voice, replacing natural feminine gifts with wounds of self-judgment, guilt,punishment and pain.

She lives in a patriarchal system, a power structure of impossible standards that perpetuates the message that woman as God made her, is simply not good enough.  Deadly for the problems and pain it creates in her everyday life- with low self-esteem, self-doubt, judgment, blame and every other assault on the self.  In its extreme – Instigating rape, pornography, incest, domestic violence, girls sold into slavery, girls being drowned at birth and female circumcision.

Every woman feels bad about herself.  She battles an internal war that says, I am not pretty enough; young enough, smart enough, skinny enough, good enough.  She can only focus on what is wrong with her and what needs to be fixed.  Ask a woman to face herself in the mirror and say, I am beautiful, and she finds this a difficult task. If she is always worried about wrinkles and age and weight, she will be distracted from her power.  She suffers from what I call, a double crime, for things done to her is crime enough, but oh, how she blames herself!  Her self-doubt is the greatest of evils.


Thank God we are now telling the true story of women, her side of it.  As Riane Eisler, Author of The Chalice and the Blade has stated in her ground breaking book, “there is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and partnership embracing a feminine ethos of love and compassion.”


Every woman has the same story, the same spiritual journey, the same initiation, the same path to goddess hood- losing herself to find herself to never lose again.  A cruxification to her resurrection to self-love.  Today we can tell her story as a victorious tale about a beautiful queen who took back her throne.  Triumphant she reigns with the royal truth that women are and always will be the healing elixir of the planet.

It is time for women, the remembrance of her power, her voice, her magic.  This is a time predicted in the ancient texts, a golden age of spiritual evolution, the rebirth of ancient sacred knowledge that we are masters, goddesses, powerful multi-dimensional light beings with energy to heal ourselves and the world.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.  I, Audrey Hope invite you to join me in adopting her revolution in perception and the renaissance of her soul.


Audrey Hope is a Spiritual Counselor and Creator of the High Voltage Hope System CD
Contact: hopesvoice@aol.com

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