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image001 Spiritual Soul Addiction Counselor

Audrey Hope is Spiritual/Intuitive Healer and Addiction Expert and her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by stars, celebrities and CEO’s nationally and internationally.  Audrey served for many years as Counselor and Director of Spiritual Healing at many of the prestigious Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles.


Audrey Hope describes how recovery from alcohol and drug dependency involves spiritual healing.



Spiritual Soul Counseling is the healing force in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. It is the heart, the center, the life-giving vital energy, and the foundation from which all healing stems. Trying to overcome addiction without a spiritual perspective is like trying to breathe without air,like trying to drive a car without an engine.


Heal your soul! Heal your life! Heal your addiction! It is that simple. If one can connect to a higher power within, and re-establish a sacred relationship with self, one can transform. The goal of the spiritual journey is nothing less than full evolution in the physical and emotional body.  Inner peace is embraced in the eternal moment of self–realization and we are forever changed.


Spiritual Addiction Soul Counseling is a magical unique process that awakens spiritual awareness of the self- to take one beyond the rational, limited concepts of the mind, beyond the 5 senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy to profoundly impact a life. One meets the deeper soul, where all true healing must take place.


The goal is to activate self-power, self-love, self-esteem and self-ruling that inspires one to follow their own heart and path. Spiritual Counseling commands to thine own self be true. On higher ground, we know who we really are and what we are capable of becoming.  In higher law, we are lifted beyond mediocrity into the powerful truth that we are multidimensional light beings with ability to heal ourselves and others.


Spiritual Counseling is not a religion, a doctrine, a faith, a system of rules to live by. It is about the freedom of the soul.  It is different than psychology because it invites one to expand past the mind to enter the divine energy of love and peace.  In the real feeling experience of this type of healing one does not need concepts, beliefs, faith or ideas.  One can feel vibrations on the central nervous system.  This is the basis of ancient spiritual teachings and the secret wisdom of all ages.


Like Michelangelo, who removed the stone to find the masterpiece that was always there, like Dorothy in Oz, who walked the yellow brick road to find the way home, – the answer is in our own shoes. The kingdom is within! The way you travel there is not important, because all roads lead to the same destination.  Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and all sacred teachings must take you home, within, to a higher consciousness of love, power and peace.

Spiritual Counseling works because it answers the questions of what really makes us suffer as human beings. We finally clear issues at a profound level.  Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem on the level in which it was created.  As a spiritual healer for over two decades, I see that many people have been in therapy for years and they can write a thesis on their issues, but they don’t heal. Healing must take place on the deep energy level of the soul.  One needs an alchemist, a transformer, someone who knows how to go down into the cave with you and unlock the keys. A talented healer has radar into the soul, eyes that know where to look, and wisdom to ask the right questions.

One must investigate oneself and find answers from a deeper context, a higher map of –past lives, karma, life lessons, contracts and soul purpose.  When you solve the riddle and “crack the code of your life” at the “root of the root of the root” of your soul, then life can become a miracle of free creation. We manifest by healing.

Spiritual Healing looks to – loss of personal power; energy blocks; anger not expressed; truth not spoken; unconscious beliefs that kill; soul wounds; self –abandonment; saving the inner child; and releasing pain in the soul’s storage bin and cellular memory.

In Spiritual Healing we take control of our own healing; make positive active decisions; create strong boundaries; commit to honesty and integrity; end victimhood and grow up. We are inspired to live our true life purpose and to end all fear.  We know that we are here to become masters of our destiny, and creators of our reality.


Pain charts the story and shows us where to look to find the potential jewel.  Pain with drugs and alcohol are a divine wake-up call for transformation.  In the words of Joseph Campbell, “where we stumble, there lies our treasure.”  On our knees we begin to look up!

Spiritual Power is the missing piece in the healing dynamic to end all addiction and all pain and to live our highest potential.


Questions to begin your spiritual journey:

  • Am I ready to have a great life?
  • Am I willing to do all that it takes to change and heal?
  • Can I commit to telling the truth and living in integrity?
  • Can I stop blaming others and take responsibility for my life?
  • What really makes me happy?
  • What do I really want?
  • What is most important thing I value?
  • Am I free or do I live by the rules of others?
  • What would I do if I only had one year to live?
  • What do I want people to say about me when I die?
  • What are my beliefs about god?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Can I surrender and say, show me the way!


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