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hope imagePower is embraced from a deep understanding of the game of life and how it works.  To be a master at the art of living, means that you are extremely balanced and often at peace, no matter what happens.  It means you are superior to circumstances, neutral to outside forces and in charge of your destiny.


The secret of power is to have a deep knowledge of energy.  If you learn the laws and the language of energy, you can transform everything in a moment.


The sacred truth is that we are multidimensional light beings, more than our rational mind, more than our 5 senses, spiritually powerful and blessed with an amazing ability to heal ourselves and the world and to live in inner peace.  Like Jesus said, Do what I do.  Like Dorothy in Oz, The answers are in our own shoes.  Like Michelangelo stated, the art is already there, you just have to peel away the stone.

The knowledge of who we really are has been kept from us- hidden, stolen and taken.  We have been brainwashed into thinking that we need something or someone to save us.  This is the most damaging trick and crime to our spirit.  As the saying goes – The kingdom of god is within, hide it there, they will never look…


Until now.


The doors to sacred knowledge are open. Today is the time predicted in ancient scriptures, documents and prophesies by masters, saints and teachers.  This is the golden era, the Age of Aquarius, the potential for spiritual rebirth, and the return of goddesses and kings.


The most revolutionary discovery of our age is the collective awakening of the human being. We are all invited to self-realization – the connecting to the all-pervading power of divine love and to feel god energy on our central nervous system.  This is what the great sages of enlightenment have been preparing us for- to turn on the inner light, the light of a thousand suns.


The following is energy wisdom to put us back into power:


What do you need to know about energy?

  • We are energy beings and everything must be seen from that vantage point
  • You must live in 100 percent of your energy field at all times
  • You must investigate who took your energy and who you gave it to
  • You must take back your life force
  • You must clear, protect, and align your energy everyday, just like you shower
  • You must become powerful to all attacks on your light, your true self
  • Self-love is the key

What can you do to become energetically powerful?

  • You must activate the hidden potential in your DNA
  • You must live in higher frequency and vibrations at all times
  • You must turn on light codes, and sacred geometry through meditation and teachings

Why are we here?

  • We are here to remember who we are
  • The spiritual journey is to crucify to resurrect, to lose to find to never lose again
  • We are all on this journey

Why was this knowledge hidden?

  • If you turn people against themselves, you can trick them
  • If you confuse and distract people you can brainwash them
  • You can control people, if they are weak

How was this power taken?

  • The truth of who we are is thwarted and twisted
  • We are made to believe in sin and punishment and guilt
  • We are made to believe we have to deserve God
  • We are made to believe we need others to give us salvation
  • We bow down in shame rather than align with source energy
  • Self-doubt is the most dangerous crime

Why we suffer?

  • We don’t know the truth of this power
  • We lose the relationship with ourselves, We abandon ourselves
  • We lost the relationship with source energy

How to get our energy back?

  • We must know what has been done to us and stop it immediately
  • We must never talk against ourselves
  •  We must align with the light force

Quick Exercise to get our Power Back

Breathe So Hum.  So on the in breath andHumon the outbreath. This is the natural sound and rhythm of the breath.  So hum, So hum.  Now feel the peace that comes from deep surrender and letting go.  Know you are held by a force greater than you. Say in the silence of your heart: I am now ready to be fully in my power and to rise to my highest potential.  I surrender and allow this to happen.  I breathe in peace. I exhale peace. Now feel the radiant sparkling sun above your head.  Invite and command the shining light to enter the top of your head through a sacred opening.  It has been waiting for your permission.  It now begins to fill every part of your being.  The bliss of the suns orange magnetic light is charging your whole body, your cell and organs and goes wherever it is needed.  It is a healing light force that is always there.  It is like a waterfall of orange juice that never runs out.  It sustains and blesses.  Notice now that the sunlight has turned into a cord and a plug that connects to your third eye, your pineal gland. It activates, aligns and centers you to the higher dimensions.  You say, I AM powerful in this connection and I am plugged into the divine source. Notice next that the light then fills your spine, like an electrical wire that runs through you.  It spins and spins and grows in radiance as it turns, brighter and brighter.  You are feeling this magical vibration all around you and within you.  You then whisper the truth of the ages… I AM the energy of a thousand suns. I am powerful in this truth. Amen.


Live from this light structure.
Change your moments.


Audrey Hope, Spiritual Intuitive Soul Healer

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