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light on hillEverything is energy and we are energy beings. If you can learn the language of energy and navigate your life from an energy perspective, you can become a master at the art of living and a powerful creator of your destiny.  All great prophets and teachers know this truth.


Think of yourself as a king or queen with royal power to command the best. As a sovereign being, you have the control to do so, no matter what happened a moment ago or long ago or yesterday.


The secret is to clear, protect and align your energy, at every moment.
The way is to hold your light structure, and not let anyone or anything affect you.
The power is to remain neutral to what is thrown at you.
Staying strong in your shield is the way to inner peace, no matter what happens.


Energy mastery is very simple. You are meant to feel good and balanced at all times. Your body is your psychic radar. You either feel good or you feel bad. If you feel bad, someone took your energy or you gave it away. Your life force, your soul energy belongs to you and must be contained within you, never to be taken or given. You must possess 100 percent of your energy if you are to survive in this crazy world and to be successful at holding and manifesting your dreams.


You can save years of pain and thousands of dollars on therapy if you know the secrets of energy. You will no longer be tricked.



  • Know what balance feels like, so you can tell when you are off
  • If you feel good, you are in alignment and in your natural state
  • If you feel bad, something happened, someone took your energy, or you gave it away
  • You need to know who you gave your power to and who took it
  • You must seize back the hooks, chains, and cords that binds you to others


  • Self-love is the key to freedom and peace
  • Gratitude is the quick jump into a high frequency
  • You don’t have wait on anyone or anything
  • It is not what others do to us, but what we do to ourselves because of it
  • We have the power of choice


  • Energy drains make us feel sick, confused, tired, angry, depressed and full of self-doubt
  • You must command negative energy to leave, like a soldier in charge
  • You must clear negative energy moment by moment until it becomes second nature
  • Beware of “psychic vampires”, those who suck your energy
  • Dracula is always Dracula, so don’t expect Dracula to be different
  • What cannot affect you directly, can come in through the back door through a relationship, a family member or an event
  • The Achilles Heel, is our weakness, the window which allows negative energy to get in
  • You must seal up the wounds and issues, the portals that make you vulnerable
  • Stop all self-doubt and self-criticism. It is dangerous and how negativity wins
  • Stay away from negative people



  • Find a life-saving practice, a life-saving button to bring you back to center
  • Find a reason to live that no one can take from you
  • It is not how you get lost, but how you get back
  • Calm your thoughts
  • Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Concentrate on your third eye as a fish bowl or a magnet that draws everything to center
  • Sit on the earth, touch a tree
  • Take a salt bath
  • Pray in nature


  • Create a shield of protection around you
  • Place yourself inside a sacred geometric light structure
  • Spin your chakras in your mind
  • Decree, I am now commanding negative energy to leave me immediately


  • Imagine being connected to the sun through a cord to your head
  • Turn on the sunlight energy up your spine
  • Imagine raising the light volume in your body, by a volume dial
  • Fill your body with liquid light from the sun
  • Imagine you are a chalice and fill it up with liquid light
  • Command the electromagnetic fields in your body to spin
  • Pray and talk to your guides and angels


  • Where do you feel drained or tired
  • Who do you think stole your energy
  • What does negative energy feel like to you
  • What does positive energy feel like to you
  • Where is the cord or hook in your body attached to another person
  •  What do you need to do to free yourself right now
  • Where did you abandon yourself
  • What luggage are you holding from the past? Where
  • What would it feel like to be energetically free
  • Do you know you have the power to change your energy field right now


Close your eyes. Feel the sun above your head filling your whole body with energy and light. Imagine opening your head and begin to fill the liquid light down your spine. It is a line that connects you to the sun. And now in this power place call to those who have taken your life force, or to whom you have given your life force to. This energy belongs to you, it is your soul energy and no one has a right to take it, and you don’t have a right to give it. Now check in with your body and feel for any hooks, chains or cords that bind you to others. Notice where you feel the hook in your body. Call to all the people who are attached to the cords. Tell them in silence that you are ready to be free and to take back control of your life. Thank them for any lessons they might have taught you. But now it is time to move on. Keep the love in your heart for them as a rainbow of light that connects your heart to theirs. As the first person comes forward in silence say to them what you need to say, what has never been said and empty your storage bin, your truth, your secrets. Allow your voice to be free and emptied. And when you are finished speaking, and feel complete, gently remove the cord. Command and now decree, I am now taking all of my light back or anything you took from me. Begin to see light particles return to your body. Seal it in. It is your soul light and it belongs to you and no one will ever take it again. It is 100 percent needed by you. Repeat this exercise with all the people you need to be free of. You are now renewed and refreshed and 100 percent in your power.


Audrey Hope is a Spiritual Soul Counselor for over 2 decades. Her revolutionary techniques of healing, at the “root of the root” of the soul have been applauded by people from all walks of life and throughout the globe.

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