By admin | Published June 23rd, 2013

Spiritual Soul Addiction Counselor

Audrey Hope is a Spiritual/Intuitive Soul Healer and Addiction Expert. Her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by stars, celebrities and CEO’s, nationally and internationally. Audrey served for over two decades as Counselor and Director of Spiritual Healing at many of the prestigious Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles.


“I have worked for years with people from all walks of life, who have suffered from addiction and I know that Healing is really quite simple if you do what needs to be done!”Audrey Hope


Audrey Hope, Spiritual Soul Counselor explores the soul dynamics of healing addiction and shares inner tools to promote spiritual healing.

Spiritual Addiction Soul Counseling is a magical unique process that awakens spiritual awareness of the self – to take one beyond the rational, limited concepts of the mind, beyond the 5 senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy into the deeper soul, where all true healing takes place. One must investigate oneself deeply from a higher perspective, a soul map of past lives, karma, life lessons, contracts and higher purpose. When you solve the riddle and “crack the code of your life” at the “root of the root” of the soul, then life can become a miracle of free creation. We manifest by healing.


The following are 10 tools to begin the spiritual journey of healing addiction from a deep soul perspective. Included with these tools are questions to get the wheels moving to one’s freedom of the soul. Continue Reading…