Mani-investigation by Audrey Hope
By admin | Published August 29th, 2013

impossible imageThe laws of manifestation in this prophetic time period are really the powerful laws of mastership and healing.  We are following the deeper rules for transforming the soul, to meet our sacred destiny as triumphant light workers.  And now with understanding of the real game of life, we ask, not, what have I received, But what have I become and how strong the radiance?



  • No matter what I think I am doing, I am  manifesting the healing of my soul
  • Everything serves my higher purpose of soul  growth and I bless everything that happens
  • I want a great life- like someone whose hair  is on fire wants a pond
  • I know the journey in earth school is to get  my power back – I crucify to resurrect
  • Like Dorothy from Oz, I must find the answers within my own shoes
  • Self- love is the powerful key
  • I must marry myself first and heal where I  abandoned myself
  • My inner child is waiting for me
  • It is not what others do to me, but what I do to myself ,because of them
  • My original soul wound must be healed or I  will meet the same characters and circumstances over and over again in my play
  • Self- criticism and self- doubt are dangerous  crimes of the soul and must stop at once
  • Pain is an invitation to wake up! I ask - What is the pain inspiring me to see and change
  • I know the first initiation is to survive the  family.  A warrior is born into a  house where they are not accepted and must fight alone to find their way home
  • Everything is energy and I must clear, protect and align every day, just like I shower
  • I live in 100 percent of my energy field and  investigate where my energy is taken and given
  • I unhook from toxic people and circumstances
  • I train my mind to collect thoughts like a magnet into one center thought- I am the light
  • I change my life instantly with powerful  boundaries of self-care
  • I take responsibility for everything I create
  • I end all victimhood and blame
  • All the power I need is inside of me
  • All relationships are a mirror to show me, me
  • It is insane to think that anyone can make me      happy, (if only he… If only she…)
  • I become what I wish to find in anther
  • Happiness is my choice – a practiced skill, a conscious decision to change
  • I vow to follow my heart and speak my truth
  • I vow to never let anyone treat me badly ever again
  • I stop all negativity and live in gratitude
  • Life purpose is my life –saving button that  sustains me
  • I am a powerful light being and it is my job to turn on my light and inspire others to do the same
  • Dear god, I am ready for my higher mission to  become my greatest self and to help the planet at this auspicious time. I  surrender and allow your guidance.


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