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Spiritual Soul Addiction Counselor

Audrey Hope is a Spiritual/Intuitive Soul Healer and Addiction Expert. Her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by stars, celebrities and CEO’s, nationally and internationally. Audrey served for over two decades as Counselor and Director of Spiritual Healing at many of the prestigious Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles.


“I have worked for years with people from all walks of life, who have suffered from addiction and I know that Healing is really quite simple if you do what needs to be done!”Audrey Hope


Audrey Hope, Spiritual Soul Counselor explores the soul dynamics of healing addiction and shares inner tools to promote spiritual healing.

Spiritual Addiction Soul Counseling is a magical unique process that awakens spiritual awareness of the self – to take one beyond the rational, limited concepts of the mind, beyond the 5 senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy into the deeper soul, where all true healing takes place. One must investigate oneself deeply from a higher perspective, a soul map of past lives, karma, life lessons, contracts and higher purpose. When you solve the riddle and “crack the code of your life” at the “root of the root” of the soul, then life can become a miracle of free creation. We manifest by healing.


The following are 10 tools to begin the spiritual journey of healing addiction from a deep soul perspective. Included with these tools are questions to get the wheels moving to one’s freedom of the soul.


Addiction is never just about the drugs or alcohol. In a higher spiritual context, alcohol and drug problems are a signal, a guidepost to show you where you need to look to find the potential jewel of your soul. Drugs and alcohol chart the story, the wound, the soul wound, the scream, and the unexpressed cry that is stored within you. The dependency is a call for transformation. As Joseph Campbell has said, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” On our knees, we begin to look up!

a. What has your drug problem forced you to look at and heal?
b. What is life asking you to change within yourself?
c. What good has come out of all the pain and soul searching?



Spiritual Counseling looks to heal the ancient soul wound- the long ago wound that one came to earth to heal. It is the deep core pain or issue that was reinforced in early childhood at around age 5 or 6. Unless that deep loss of soul is retrieved and healed, one will spin in a never-ending circle of pain. One will meet the same characters and circumstances again and again, in their divine play. Life and relationships always form patterns and themes. Spiritual sight is viewing life as a mirror that reflects back to us the lessons we need to learn.

a. What patterns and themes are in your life and relationships?
b. What is your mirror asking you to face right now?
c. What happened to start these patterns?



As energy beings, we need to understand the invisible energy that steals our life force. We need to know to whom we gave our power to, and who took it from us. We must seize back the hooks, chains, and the chords that bind us to others. Spiritual Counseling helps us to locate where our boundaries have been invaded and identify the negative energy that makes us tired, angry, confused and full of self-doubt. We must learn to protect ourselves from all kinds of energy drain and use spiritual tools as an armor of protection.

a. If 100 % is best, how much energy do you have in your body?
b. Who did you give your energy to?
c. What do you need to say to that person in order to be free?



People carry pain in their body and the past in their cells. The soul will give us messages to tell us about this pain, if we know how to listen. The soul will talk as a child in simple colors and pictures. For example, a client might say, “I feel like there are hooks in my back. I feel like a monster is living in my stomach, or there is a hand choking my neck.” This sacred language of information reveals what is hidden in our inner being. When we learn how to listen and interpret these secret messages of the soul, it can lead to transformation and save years of therapy.

a. Where in your body do you feel pain?
b. What message does this storage bin have for you?
c. What situation is happening in your life right now?



Unconscious cultural, family and religious beliefs need a special category in healing addiction. People carry pain because of the hidden rules they live by. Their unconscious ideas of sin and punishment and guilt and shame gnaw at the soul. By uncovering dark beliefs and bringing out into the light of day, one can heal quickly. The most powerful spiritual principle is “thought creates reality.”

a. What are your belief systems about God, life and death?
b. Do you believe in sin and punishment?
c. Where did you get your beliefs?



People hurt us. We may work on healing our pain and anger for years, and it may ease, but the most damaging part is the way we abandon ourselves. We all have an inner child that is waiting for us. What your inner girl or inner boy needs most is you and your attention and approval.

a. Tune into your inner child. What is he/she needing of you?
b. Can you agree to listen to him/her?
c. Did you know that he/she is waiting for your love and support?



In the powerful “Now” moment of transformation is the key spot where all the pain began. If you know how to travel to this sacred place, you have an opportunity for real change. Someone has to know how to take you there, and you must have the courage to walk through, to get to the other side. This is where you need to ring the bell, because it is a time of celebration and freedom.

a. Do you feel stuck in some memory of the past?
b. Does it feel like luggage, quick sand or heavy weight?
c. Can you simply talk to it, understand why it is there, and let it go?
d. How liberating does that feel?



The most profound part of healing comes after the exploration and understanding of the problem.After the discovery, all healing eventually becomes a command and a choice- a conscious active decision to change. In spiritual power, you then decree, “I am now letting this go.” This is “New York Spirituality” – get real, get to the point and do it now!

a. Can you commit to having a great healthy fabulous life right now?
b. Can you commit to doing whatever it takes to have your dreams?
c. Can you commit to strong boundaries of self-love?



There is a reason you were born. There is a fire in your belly, and a song in your heart and a divine purpose to get up for every day. If you find your higher intention, this can be your life-saving button that no one can ever take from you.“He who has a why to live can bear any how. Happiness can’t be pursuit of happiness, but rather in search of a reason to be happy.” Victor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning.

a. What inspires you?
b. What do you want more than life itself?
c. What would you do for the love of it, without the money?
d. What is your greatest talent?



Spirituality is connecting to something greater than yourself. It is our natural birthright to feel and activate the powerful sacred geometry that resides within. We are meant for enlightenment – we are meant for light. This is the key to inner peace and happiness.

a. What makes you naturally high?
b. Have you ever experienced a miracle?
c. Can you surrender and say- “Show me the way.”


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