Mani-investigation by Audrey Hope
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impossible imageThe laws of manifestation in this prophetic time period are really the powerful laws of mastership and healing.  We are following the deeper rules for transforming the soul, to meet our sacred destiny as triumphant light workers.  And now with understanding of the real game of life, we ask, not, what have I received, But what have I become and how strong the radiance?



  • No matter what I think I am doing, I am  manifesting the healing of my soul
  • Everything serves my higher purpose of soul  growth and I bless everything that happens
  • I want a great life- like someone whose hair  is on fire wants a pond
  • I know the journey in earth school is to get  my power back – I crucify to resurrect
  • Like Dorothy from Oz, I must find the answers within my own shoes
  • Self- love is the powerful key
  • I must marry myself first and heal where I  abandoned myself
  • My inner child is waiting for me
  • It is not what others do to me, but what I do to myself ,because of them
  • My original soul wound must be healed or I  will meet the same characters and circumstances over and over again in my play
  • Self- criticism and self- doubt are dangerous  crimes of the soul and must stop at once
  • Pain is an invitation to wake up! I ask - What is the pain inspiring me to see and change
  • I know the first initiation is to survive the  family.  A warrior is born into a  house where they are not accepted and must fight alone to find their way home
  • Everything is energy and I must clear, protect and align every day, just like I shower
  • I live in 100 percent of my energy field and  investigate where my energy is taken and given
  • I unhook from toxic people and circumstances
  • I train my mind to collect thoughts like a magnet into one center thought- I am the light
  • I change my life instantly with powerful  boundaries of self-care
  • I take responsibility for everything I create
  • I end all victimhood and blame
  • All the power I need is inside of me
  • All relationships are a mirror to show me, me
  • It is insane to think that anyone can make me      happy, (if only he… If only she…)
  • I become what I wish to find in anther
  • Happiness is my choice – a practiced skill, a conscious decision to change
  • I vow to follow my heart and speak my truth
  • I vow to never let anyone treat me badly ever again
  • I stop all negativity and live in gratitude
  • Life purpose is my life –saving button that  sustains me
  • I am a powerful light being and it is my job to turn on my light and inspire others to do the same
  • Dear god, I am ready for my higher mission to  become my greatest self and to help the planet at this auspicious time. I  surrender and allow your guidance.


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How to Manifest Your Soul Mate
By Audrey Hope


love on the beachHaving true love is a science. If you do what must be done, you will create the space to attract your soulmate. It is that simple. When you are healed and unblocked and demand and command the best, you are then free to create miracles of love.

What is true spiritual love? It is a high frequency sacred love that sets your heart on fire that aligns to a higher source and serves the universe, elevates the planet.


Imagine a light structure of an iron triangle, where god is the shining vortex, and both souls, two equal pillars with hearts aflame – are looking up to heaven. The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you. This is the balanced blessed union of king and queen. Continue Reading…

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relationship quizIn my many years as an Intuitive Counselor and Healer, I have found simple and revolutionary techniques to help us heal and live in peace.  I have learned that when we investigate ourselves and unblock our issues at the depth of our souls, we are then free to create the life we want and to have real authentic love. We manifest by healing.


And to heal we must ask the deep questions of the heart- the right questions that move us beyond mediocrity and into thehigher dimensional extraordinaryrealms of love.


Know thyself.
To thine own self be true.


If love is what you are wanting, free the gates of your heart.
Take the Relationship Quiz.
Investigate yourself and change.

  Continue Reading…

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hope imagePower is embraced from a deep understanding of the game of life and how it works.  To be a master at the art of living, means that you are extremely balanced and often at peace, no matter what happens.  It means you are superior to circumstances, neutral to outside forces and in charge of your destiny.


The secret of power is to have a deep knowledge of energy.  If you learn the laws and the language of energy, you can transform everything in a moment.


The sacred truth is that we are multidimensional light beings, more than our rational mind, more than our 5 senses, spiritually powerful and blessed with an amazing ability to heal ourselves and the world and to live in inner peace.  Like Jesus said, Do what I do.  Like Dorothy in Oz, The answers are in our own shoes.  Like Michelangelo stated, the art is already there, you just have to peel away the stone. Continue Reading…

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the treesIt is time to set the record straight.  It is time to heal women and get her back to self- love and self -esteem. It is time for her sacred revolution, for resurrecting the goddess within and restorying her story in his story. We must honor again the inner beauty and power of being a real woman, a queen.  For when she regains her throne the sovereignty of the self, the men and the world will follow. In the royalty of her power, she is the lighthouse inspiring and inviting others to do the same.  Women first.


Her healing is simple.   She can awaken and transform in about twenty minutes if you tell her truth, the things she needs to know.  No one else needs to be present. Only herself and a spiritual vow, I am now ready to transform.

The lifesaving information is to tell her the truth that she has been brainwashed, and that she can heal quickly through feminine law, the empowering vows of self –love. Continue Reading…

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light on hillEverything is energy and we are energy beings. If you can learn the language of energy and navigate your life from an energy perspective, you can become a master at the art of living and a powerful creator of your destiny.  All great prophets and teachers know this truth.


Think of yourself as a king or queen with royal power to command the best. As a sovereign being, you have the control to do so, no matter what happened a moment ago or long ago or yesterday.


The secret is to clear, protect and align your energy, at every moment.
The way is to hold your light structure, and not let anyone or anything affect you.
The power is to remain neutral to what is thrown at you.
Staying strong in your shield is the way to inner peace, no matter what happens. Continue Reading…

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Spiritual Soul Addiction Counselor

Audrey Hope is a Spiritual/Intuitive Soul Healer and Addiction Expert. Her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by stars, celebrities and CEO’s, nationally and internationally. Audrey served for over two decades as Counselor and Director of Spiritual Healing at many of the prestigious Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles.


“I have worked for years with people from all walks of life, who have suffered from addiction and I know that Healing is really quite simple if you do what needs to be done!”Audrey Hope


Audrey Hope, Spiritual Soul Counselor explores the soul dynamics of healing addiction and shares inner tools to promote spiritual healing.

Spiritual Addiction Soul Counseling is a magical unique process that awakens spiritual awareness of the self – to take one beyond the rational, limited concepts of the mind, beyond the 5 senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy into the deeper soul, where all true healing takes place. One must investigate oneself deeply from a higher perspective, a soul map of past lives, karma, life lessons, contracts and higher purpose. When you solve the riddle and “crack the code of your life” at the “root of the root” of the soul, then life can become a miracle of free creation. We manifest by healing.


The following are 10 tools to begin the spiritual journey of healing addiction from a deep soul perspective. Included with these tools are questions to get the wheels moving to one’s freedom of the soul. Continue Reading…

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image001 Spiritual Soul Addiction Counselor

Audrey Hope is Spiritual/Intuitive Healer and Addiction Expert and her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by stars, celebrities and CEO’s nationally and internationally.  Audrey served for many years as Counselor and Director of Spiritual Healing at many of the prestigious Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles.


Audrey Hope describes how recovery from alcohol and drug dependency involves spiritual healing.



Spiritual Soul Counseling is the healing force in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. It is the heart, the center, the life-giving vital energy, and the foundation from which all healing stems. Trying to overcome addiction without a spiritual perspective is like trying to breathe without air,like trying to drive a car without an engine.


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