Aug 9, 2012
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I should be suspicious of what I want.”  RUMI

There is a missing chapter in the book on manifesting,

It is called–The Blessing of Not Getting What I want.

Not manifesting is the secret to life!!!

When I don’t get what I want – I am forced to things that don’t come from this world.

When I don’t get the love I need- I am on my knees seeking an invisible embrace.

When I don’t get the house I long to live in- I am desperate to find shelter from inside.

When I don’t get the job, the relationship, the raise, the car – the life – my pain leads me to alone empty silence.

In red rage, there is no one else to reach for,

and nothing else to do, and no where else to go,

and no more tears to cry -

and in exhaustion, I find the ground and surrender.

And I find you –God.

And in you, myself, with you.

And then – the richest jewel on earth -


beyond all understanding -

needing no-thing.

What grace – to not get what I want.

I should be suspicious of what I want.

Aug 9, 2012
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The Universe is aligning to the timing of our hearts,

Planets dancing in sacred placement,

To the prophesy of loving.

Admist the chaos of fractured times,

Upon the broken and shattered structures,

Is the magnet of twin souls,

Balancing – holy turmoil,

Glued in divine love.

It is the day of twin flames,

The union of goddess and king,

Surviving sacred fire,

To transform and put back

The pieces to peace.

Forget the appearance of strife.

This war of equality,

She and he,

To break and heal,

And then stand on hallowed altar,

Seeing the celestial mirror,

Equaled in each others eyes.

Going together is the only way.

A mutual godliness,

No one rising above the other,

But still looking up.

The same vision,


Of self,

Of each other,

Of god,

Of the universe.

True love.

She in love with herself.

He in love with her.

Together – a dance to peace.

And a vow, to keep it that way.

Aug 9, 2012
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(Inspired by The Magdalene Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion)

She holds within her… the secret mysteries of creation and the alchemical keys of transformation….through the act of sexual love.  HER BODY IS THE WAY… This is the lost secret of the ages.

For 2000 years they veiled her in shame to hide the truth – the elevation of consciousness, the way to god realization – begins with sacred sex…through her.  The church stole it…her power as explosive as a volcano.

Sex magic is the transformation of sexual energy into enlightment.   Its higher purpose is to collect energy in the body for alchemical change,  to use the energy of passion to release the magnetic energy within the cells and charge the KA body (the etheric body).When this happens ,there are radical changes in perceptions, inner light and brain chemistry.  Ecstasy is the fuel.

This magic is not for everyone.  To enter its power, male and female must command the sacred relationship of honesty and truth.  Both must agree to walk through the alchemical fire of purification to dare to be a better self.  One must face their darkness to fly above mediocrity and get to the higher light.

The rules- she must be loved and adored and safe to let go and he must agree to nest in her energy fields… and not run.  Then through SACRED SEX, THE MAGIC OF ISIS-

Magnetic fields are created by foreplay and touch.  The etheric KA body begins to activate.  The life force in the pelvis begins to move up the spine (the black serpent energy of the moon on the left, and the gold serpent energy of the sun on the right.)  This powerful serpent energy crosses each other through the 7 seals (chakras) and meets in the center of the head.  This energy opens up the brain circuits.  Then the serpents face each other at the pineal gland.  The heat of the internal fire, RA, causes the red and white drops to fall down from the crown.  This is the sacred nectar.  It is the joining of the male and female KA bodies that causes her to open up her magnetic floor.  If she feels safe in the shuddering, a tremendous vortex opens.  After orgasm, her fields spiral and circulate.  If both stay in the vibration and nest in it, they will receive the new spiritual power of the magic.

This is why they raped her for centuries and edited her out of history and kept her quiet.  To keep out the truth that…

Through these portals, one enters the feminine mysteries of creation.

Sacred Sex is the path to god.

Through her – the grail.

Aug 9, 2012
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A love relationship is….

  • A blessed opportunity to meet yourself
  • A holy battle to your own divine victory
  • A heavenly mirror to reflect you to wholeness
  • A supernatural challenge to heal your own heart
  • An illusion, if you think the other person can save you
  • Her chance to grow in self-esteem, his to shatter his ego
  • A holy equation of 1 plus 1

Can you take it?  Do you dare?  Do you have the guts to pass the high test of love?

The heart speaks its own language and can take you on a wild journey.

You will travel away from all sense and rationality, and shape shift into madness.  Love beats to its own drum, until with enough noise and  confusion, you are forced to listen to a new philosophy, a deep spirituality, and a high math.  The holy equation of love is 1 plus 1.

The war of man and woman is the battle to love oneself, truly and supreme.  We knock on each others walls, until there is a break in its defense. Naked then, and fragile, we begin to bend.  In the blessed opening, the light comes in.  Let it shine in the mirror.  Observe what has happened to you.  See the holy formula of love work inside your soul.

Thank each other for the chaos of the heart.  In the grace of time, love finds understanding.  Time is kind to love.  In empty space, it heals things.  It finally teaches, when all is said and done, that we need our own wholeness.  The best you and the best me, is the only chance for divine union.

Where do we go to find love?  You must be the love that you seek.

Always be in love. Then he/she will float into your life, like the river follows the wind.  Heaven  awaits after the tears and storms of love.

Be brave in the challenge of love.  In lessons and in pain, heal thyself.  Then in the sun of morning, after much understanding, join hands.

Her ReEvolution By Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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Her ReEvolution By Audrey Hope

Her salvation resides in knowing the path.

She must profoundly understand her road.

If   you could tell her -

The truth of her journey,

The reason she travels,

And where she is going,

Her painsteps would have meaning.

And she’d want the shoes.

All women move around

In a  circle of return.

A journey wheel back to  empowered self love.

And this is her real revolution,

Her inner ride.

She cannot escape.

She cannot get off.

Her destination is always the same-

goddess initiation-

to lose herself to find herself to never lose again.

Cruxification  to resurrection to power.

A ring of re’s- to remember, recover, rebirth,

A wheel of revelation, redemption, resurgence.

And so it goes,

She turns.

Turn One- RE-CORD- her loss of self is activated around age 5 by criticism, lack of unconditional love. Her pain is stamped.

Turn Two- RE-BOUND- her young self finds a way to cope with the loss of the soul.  She thinks it is her fault.  She learns that love is conditional.  She begins to adapt and hide her real self.

Turn Three- RE-PEAT- through circumstances and people she lives out her original wound over and over again.  Life begins to have painful themes and patterns.

Turn Four- RE-TRACTION- she feels hopeless. She wants to give up.  In the dark night of her soul she is forced to her knees in despair.  She must find the courage to face her demons.

TURN FIVE- RE-FLECT/RE-VIEW/RE-COVER- there is some light. On her knees she begins to look up. She seeks help to solve the riddle of her soul. She is challenged to know a higher perspective to transcend the pain.

TURN SIX- RE-COVER-. She explores the way out by learning to love herself first. She can make a powerful decision to change.

Turn SEVEN- RESURRECTION- like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, she has blossomed into a queen.  In her revolution she discovers her divine marriage- her true self to her power.

All women move around,

In a circle of return,

A journey wheel back to empowered self love.

The mission is called the “Sovereignty of the Self”

And all women must know it by name.

Aug 9, 2012
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She is challenged to love in her power.

He is challenged to drop his guard.

She is tested to evoke her light.

He is tested to evoke his shadow.

She must speak.

He must learn.

Calling her to strengthen her self-esteem,

Calling him to soften his feigned ego.

She needs no make-up.

He needs no muscle.

Knowing she is ageless,

Knowing he is kind.

Knowing she is beauty,

Knowing he is tender.

Will she keep herself?

Will he keep himself from running?

Together, do they dare?

To seal the holy wounds of centuries-

Their unhealed hearts.

In divine need, finally, 2010.

A royal romance -

She a queen

To his king.

She in love with herself.

He in love with her.

There is no escape.

It will be done.

It must be done.

A glorious union,

Meeting, eye to eye,

A balanced kiss,

The world must now touch.

Aug 9, 2012
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“If you do not understand how to balance your existing world, you cannot enter your next level of pure god light and love. This means that all the wasted emotions of anger, resentment and judgment must not be your reality for a moment.” ENOCH


Think of the great ones.

They are still.

They say very little.

They think, then speak.

They are not emotional.

The ancient secrets of manifestation reveal the sacred truth that a power lies within, that one can access to create every aspect of their world.  One – knowing they can – can sit in a chair and create a kingdom. We are alchemists and can change energy into matter, and matter into energy, and our dreams into reality.

The ancient symbols of geometry, the language of light and perfection are the magic tools of creation.  They activate our DNA and the secret codes within, to raise our frequency and vibration.  When we are “in –light-end”, the chakras spin more energy into the spine, and raise our vibration to the divine god vibration.

ABUNDANCE IS A HIGH VIBRATION.  We already carry the magic of 5th dimensional divine love.  It has no opposite, no polarity, no contradiction.  But, it takes the discipline of the gods to live there.

One must honor the silence, and fight off the distractions of the noisy world.  One must kill dark negative thoughts and emotions that drain the pure energy- moment to moment, and over and over again.

Manifestation is two steps.

First you clear, then you create.

In clearing the soul, you need to investigate your shadows, your blocks, your “Achilles Heel” – the wound that activates your deepest fear. The most dangerous portal opening is self-abandonment and fear. It needs to be sealed up to guard against negative entities that take you out of your power.

The next step is to create and live in positive mind, 80 percent of the time. Intend what you want. Leave out the “but’s”.

Think of yourself as having a power tube that runs through the center of your head to your heart.

Feel the light contained within it.

Check it every moment.

Does it lose electrons because of negative emotions and thought?

Watch it carefully.

Restore it constantly.

Keep it contained for yourself.

Don’t let others steal your energy.

Don’t give it away.

Keep your tube of light filled with all your electrons.


BEING RICH By Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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BEING RICH By Audrey Hope

The first time ever,

A revolutionary blueprint,

A higher balance…

An effortless grace system,

Just for breathing,

Just for coming,

Just for holding the light…




Fair checking-

Abundance equal to your radiance,

Money that finds your frequency,

The inner rich shall be rich.

The deserving, getting what they deserve.

But what about  the trust?

Why so long for light workers?

A just question to those so tired.

It is about karma- clearing.

It is about mistakes not repeating,

It is about wealth earned, detached and not owned.

Advanced souls,

Happy already and then  getting the gold.

The cost of waiting, so worth it.

As a group we are getting.

That is why the teachers have been here.

To prep  us.

To once again be where we were,

But this time with money  in our pockets.

Being rich and rich.

I AM MEANT By Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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In this state, this place,
I am meant
To be heaven above, earth below,
In me, wholly at once.

In truth, though blindly,
I am a hologram
Alive in many directions,
Though my feet hit firmly on the ground.

This is a planet of mirrored elegance-
Air, water, earth, sky
And everything I see,
I am too…

Need I question to care?
Need I ask and how?

It is a simple code of living,
Really, after all,
To reflect answers
Out my window,
Where nature speaks…
When the forests cry rain, it is my tear,
When the land shakes, it is our pain.

And the 2012 prophesy is in the tides!
Water as supreme messenger
Carries the new age in waves -
Some already come, some on its way.

I suppose we need a special boat,
Fueled by heart and spirit,
And captained by mavericks,
Fearless us, who stay the course.

I hear the sea-
We are meant to be in power,
We are meant to herald peace,
We are meant to change the world,
And I bow to the chance.

Aug 9, 2012
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Many of us on the path of light, could wonder why things seem so hard.  Still.  No matter what we try, there is always a wall, a force, a barrier to keep us from manifesting our dreams.

Because our mission is to increase the vibrational frequency of the earth and to bring love and light back to our planet, we can be attacked by forces of opposition – The dark.

We don’t want to embrace this truth.  But we must.  The dark is subtle and dangerous.  It does not come knocking and say – “hi, I am the dark”.  It meets you in secret, in your thoughts and fears and in those around you.

John Livingston, a master of the removal of entities and author of the new book, ‘Adversaries Walk Among Us’ says -“ demons are on a mission to create fear and chaos and distraction, and to keep light workers from achieving their life purpose.” Through simple procedures to remove the dark forces, we can heal fear, depression, stress, fatigue, pain, addiction, obsession, inner turmoil and loss of power.  (

I would like to share some techniques for healing and three powerful healers in this arena.  They all work with the assistance of the archangels, especially the angel of protection, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Angels are messengers of the god force, the beings of light and the vibration of the Christos energy.  Master Kuthumi says that angels are underemployed.  They await our call for help and protection because they honor the sacred condition of free will.  They follow law.  When we call, they are obligated to come.  They command unique job functions and responsibilities.  We must make our requests specific and use the angelic kingdom to help us do battle for the light.

Amara Mahdhuri ( says we must verify the spirits of light by saying the following command –

1.“I command you to show your true face.” (It is a universal law that this must be done.  If the being shows you that it is evil, then you can use the following command to clear it from your presence forever).

2.“I command you in the name of Jesus to gently leave me now and forever. (3 times).

3.“I ask Archangel Michael to come and take you to where you belong.”

4.“I fill the void with peace, love and harmony, so be it.” Dr. Linnea Bailey, PhD, works with spiritual techniques from ancient mystery schools to remove entities. (

1. Conduct a Body Scan - ask, are you a part of me, or something else? If yes, call on protection: “In the name of the light, I call on The WARRIOR ANGELS OF LIGHT, to come forward andcompletely surround me, to stand against the darkness that would interfere.  Protect my loved ones, etc. (The image is of these mighty beings standing shoulder to shoulder, creating animpenetrable force field).

2. Call on MIGHTY RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT to gently but swiftly reach into me and remove this dark one, bind him in a capsule of light that is impervious and impenetrable.  Remove all cords, webs, tentacles, and connection of any sort that this one has to me in any way, and bind it all in this capsule of light.  RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT, fill this capsule with light, love, and peace and harmony.  Now quickly and swiftly escort this one to his appointed place in the light.  Also remove ones who are hiding, any watchers outside my auric field.

3. I ask the WARRIOR ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to tighten the circle, not allowing any conduit of darkness to enter this space.

4. I call on ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND HIS LEGION OF HEAVEN to assist in removing these dark ones and escorting them to the light.

5. I call on the CLEAN UP CREWS OF THE LIGHT to come forward and cleanse and scrub me completely.  Remove any residue left behind by these entities.

6. I call on the HEALING ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to come forward and spread a healing balm of light in through and around every aspect of my being.

Then drink lots of water. Rest.  Take a hot bath with apple cider vinegar.

Angels are committed to one thing only – the light.  THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS.

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