Nov 11, 2014
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I want the kind of prosperity that comes from the light, the fire, the chaos, the jungle,
The battle –survived!
Like caterpillar into butterfly,
Like ashes into phoenix,
I move into something else, after going through something.
I come out, inside stronger.

People ask me, how am I?
I reply- I’m growing- brighter.
I now live in a frequency of depth.
With hand on my chest
I gasp with (Rumi’s words):
The gold that glows in your chest when you love.
Finally a rich destination, an arrival –to the heart.

I have to thank the peoplewho broke me apart,
The events that made me bend,
The times of darkness.
Cracking up, put me back together- better.

There is treasure in the ruins,
Jewels in thepain.
Falling from cave to mountaintop,
I look up and within,
I find a place beyond life and death.

This is the invisible wealth of which I speak.

I am not tricked by the rocky road.
I am not fooled by the hurting.
We are not to get lost by the process.

Instead, to know the higher scope,
Burns up the past, changes the movie, seals the new story…
Tomake the future of queens/kings.

There is hope for us all!

No matter where we came from,
Where we have been,
What we have done.
The soul burns eternal.
The sacred heart- beats.

This is the land of forever gold.
Built with the magic wordwand- Now!
God is not a window, but a place.
Time to move in!

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