May 3, 2014
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Dear Universe, Divine Matchmaker,

It is ordained in the heavens, that a time of soul mate love will be manifest on the planet. In alignment with the will of heaven, I decree sacred love, an enlightened love that sets my heart ablaze and rests on the foundation of truth, integrity and authenticity. This joining nourishes my mission to uplift the planet. We are equal- queen to king, for on a matched throne of power, love is real.

To find you, I follow divine laws of love, precepts that bring freedom to my soul. And like a science that makes sense, if I do the work, I shall have it. Therefore I will… discard petty details of my life and replace them with an unwavering commitment to the higher light. I vow to have the best, be the best and stop taking scraps. Holding the royal key of self-esteem, I will never turn from my true heart and voice. I end all victimhood. I close the book on stories of the past and end all negative thinking. Belonging to a new club of light, this magical connection can come from anywhere and to me in impossible ways.

Knowing the truth of the journey sets me free. Everything will crack and break on the way to true love. All roads lead to my own evolution. I can never escape not loving myself enough. Now I can stop blaming others and bless all chaos and pain.

I heal to find you. The law of attraction magnetizes persons and events for my soul’s unraveling. In the spiritual mirror of relationships, everything I need to clear and learn knocks at my door. I take notice or I will meet the same play over and over again. I ask the healing questions, what patterns, characters and baggage keep repeating and what are my relationships asking me to heal in myself?

I end all illusions about love. I will not be Cinderella walking off into the sunset with a savior to a white picket fence to live happily ever after. No denial. Relationships can be hard. Love can be maddening. In the reality of love, I am forced to peel onions, break eggs and melt walls. But in the shining purifying firelight, I will always become more, even if I go insane and rage in the process of transformation.

There is magic to find you. I must become what I seek. In the sovereign power of myself, I live without need and call forth my partner as icing on the cake.

Happiness lies where it always does, in the high frequency love and passion I give to every moment of my life, now and always. Whole and healed, the divine in me honors the divine in you.

And so it is.

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