Love on the Ground by Audrey Hope
Apr 24, 2013
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I fall into you
But not the illusion.
This surrender is wild and raw:
Forehead pointing down,
Hands clasped to the brow,
Knees glued to the ground.

A surprise onion peel at midweek,
Asking me toget more naked.
The pain fuels the undress.

Awakened, I catch the plane
with stark wisdom
that I can no longer hold-
b.s, wasted time, false talk, false anything…

I try to tell my friends
What it has been like,
Almost losing you this month.

The hospital- a temple.
The nurses- as angels,
And holy objects of tubes,viles and blood.
A healer learning what heals.

I should know the battle points by now
I am not the commander.
I should know the road by now-
I always land the same
Deeper down in position.

Of all the things that could get me here,
My spiritual training, teachers, chants- India.
It is the real day that carries me someplace.
Wow, I am like the Buddha!
I embrace morning coffee truth-
That life can be so hard,
I don’t feel so good
And I am Oh so human,
And it’s okay.

Gratitude seeps in with
phone calls, and hugs.
Heightened reality comes on the backend.

God is in the day.
The day is my religion.

And Dear mom, I am so in awe of you staying
And the place I find myself in-
The transforming power of everyday living,
The bliss of everyday love.

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