The Principal of Prosperity
Aug 9, 2012
by admin | Category

Prosperity is the mathematical equation of my souls healing.

As I move closer to center, subtract my stuff, more is added unto.

The magical returns- I sense wealth with less.

In the grand laboratory of abundance,

The experiment- balancing thoughts to equal happy words,

Controlling  the mind in theorems of positivity.

And my formula ends small.

More than affirmations and techniques,

Beyond secrets and laws,

Is the EQUITY of my soul’s deep journey.

The calculation is my authentic heart plus my real voice,

And bounty accumulates like night from the day.

My conclusive theory of ARN-

Appreciating  the Reality of Now.

The axiom so simple…


Work on yourself.

Become the goal.

Everything happens for the highest good of the soul.

Life is the real guru.

Lessons knock at the door,

the messenger arriving at the right time,

Showing  us what to do next.

Stop fighting the road.

You can never get lost.

The path is always about healing.

Prosperity is the reward of hard self work.

I invest in me, my growth – there’s gold.

I am the bank.

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