Jan 30, 2012
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People think they are addicted to cigarettes, pot, alcohol, drugs and sex.
People think they are addicted to addiction, and it is a power greater than themselves. People make friends with addiction because it gives them something to do in life.


Our mind is a huge house, and our thoughts walk around all day and circle the rooms over and over again. The words and images in our head, may possibly rotate around the space millions and billions times a day. Of course, the thoughts are trying desperately to find the door and get outside. Of course, they get bored, but the movement is safe. The pain of the story is what we know. It gives us some sort of crazy foundation for our life.

Byron Katie, is one of my favorite spiritual advisors, and her story from insanity to sanity is one of the most inspiring ones I have ever heard. Once she was admitted to a psychiatric ward, and strapped to a bed. Her world had fallen apart, and she was a mess. Then one day, she had an awakening, and realized that she was the author of her own story. It was in an instant that her mind was freed, and she took responsibility for her pain. Now, she teaches others how to unlock from the prison of their own minds. Now, she travels all around the world, sharing, “the work”- her revolutionary process to transform human suffering.

And I always remember what Caroline Myss says about pain. Caroline is a leader in energy medicine, and she tells us that we get the benefit of our own wounds. For example, she says that when we introduce ourselves, we validate ourselves by our pain and say, “hi, my name is Mary and I am an incest survivor, or I am an alcoholic.” We hold on to this identification, because it gives us something. It gives us an excuse to not live at full capacity.

So, there is never a day that we wake up in freedom, with a clean slate. We can never just face the day in newness. We rise out of bed, with a ton of weight, which is our past story. The steel wheels in our mind just keep on rolling and turning, and rolling and turning. It is a heavy burden to bear, when the sun has just risen and you haven’t even brushed your teeth. We never breathe with 100 percent of our own energy. We have allowed others to plug us and drain us of our own vitality. We must take a scissor and cut the cords of others, and pull back our own life force.

Human suffering is holding on to the past drama. This is true addiction. Our minds are molasses, thick, and sticking to false belief systems. We take the drugs and alcohol to try to end the story, forget the images, and just try hard to distract for as long as possible. Our brain always hurts, and that is why we can’t make friends with peace.

So the key is to exorcise the story from our heads, and learn how to calm our yesterdays and the past moments. And how do we end the painful twisting and turning? It is simple. Very simple. Truly, all therapy, and soul searching is to try to get to the eternal instant, when you can snap your soul into sanity.

The process to the clean slate is:
Know the pain is the story.
Understand what you do with your head and your thoughts.
Be ready and willing to take responsibility for all of it.
Allow the story to end.

There is a happy solution to ourselves and our lives. Mark your stories, like the closing of a book, and the last frame of a movie. “THE END.”

Audrey Hope is an intuitive counselor. Write to with stories of hope in our city.

Jan 12, 2011
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