Jan 3, 2012
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My mirror calls me
A master, it sees…
I have survived the tempests, the challenges, and the waiting-
The endless waiting!
I have overcome planetary changes, new alignments, and all the energy shi(fts).
I have been tossed and turned and rebuilt again.
And then one more time.

I had a dream, and did everything to get it,
And I didn’t, and I triumphed over that too.
Then there were the relationships dramas,
The karmic fires, the onion peels of my soul.
There were the failed attempts at the law of attraction,
And the constant pounding in my head to think positive and create reality!

But now I see,
We are in training to become:
A galactic soul at the end of the Mayan calendar,
The gold in the alchemy,
The phoenix out of the ashes!

My friends are all here with me,
In the same power club,
With jobs as stellar pillars to hold the light.
A sacred quest sewn into our DNA,
that cannot be washed out, though we have tried.
And all the while watching an unfair world,
And all the while clearing our chalice,
To contain the gold.

We are the miracle brigade of 2012,
Neutral and supreme!
We can blaze out darkness,
And blind everything with love.
In spite of it all, no matter what, and after all the pain,
And god must be astounded!

Weather manifestation
Jan 14, 2011
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While we are talking manifestation,
About getting things we want…
The earth is shaking, the seas are storming, the winds are fierce.

Studying laws of attraction,
And in the other room-
The roofs are coming down,
The houses are blowing away.
There is water everywhere.

OH MY! The heavens must have their own laws!
And we should learn its secrets!

Weather bombs are screaming
A higher truth:
Awaken, sleepy souls!
A different law is afloat!

Not for abundance, not for pleasures, not for things,
But for the healing of our souls and the healing of our planet.
We have a sacred covenant to restore our light.
And you must ask-

In what direction do you gaze?
Is it the wrong one?
Who have you become?
Are you doing enough?
Are you rising to your highest potential?

“Grow”, says the thunder.
“Find the light”, says the sky.
“Now”, says the rain.

And you won’t need money to get in the gate.
And you won’t need achievement to pass through the door.
And you can’t take your gold and your stuff.

Your soul is the key.

There is a higher law the earthquakes are telling.
Laws-the floods are bringing.
Laws- the rains are crying.
And earth and all of us in it,
Must listen-

Today for knights
Jan 14, 2011
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Where is your warrior spirit, where is it hiding?
Calling your lion courage, your elk stamina, your buffalo stance.
Take it off the mantle, this gentleness is killing us.

While we humbly do our spiritual work,
And look at our sins, and grow our karma,
The other forces are enjoying -
A world of greed, a world of fear.

It matters. I know forgiveness is good.
And of course love is the way.
Yes, yes. Got it. We all got it.

The government won’t save us.
Oh god, you do know that -of course!

Our only hope is the power of our radiance, small in number – but fierce.
And to remember our native friends who know the hunt.

Time to dress with shield and sword and bow and arrow-
any armor that respects the fight.
You have to get up.
Or the storms will make you.

Raise your voice, raise your arms, raise anything!
Claim our spiritual land.
Take it back – it is our time.
Dost thou know the balancing of the clouds?

Have you the guts?
To earn the real feathers of a warrior.
It is dangerous days,
And knights are needed.

Talk time
Jan 12, 2011
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