Nov 11, 2014
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I remember a place above the sky
Beyond the sun,
Through the stars,
Before this world,
That is our real home- divine.

But it was as a child,
it was the angel’s kiss,
that made us forget from where we came!

It was for the mission,
the supreme plan-
To grow us into warriors,
To take the stage as gods,
To win back the earth.

And it has not been easy!

Did the hard work jade our knowing?
Did the real world steal our spirit?
Did amnesia taint our souls?

Did the invisible rules erase?
Don’t get lost in earthly things.
Don’t get distracted by the pain.
Don’t fall deep into the story.
Don’t unalign, unlight!

Hold firm to higher planes.
Let source connection transform,
Almighty forces reboot,
Burning everything into one truth-
Ourvolcanic energy of light…
Where you would not care what you did not do,
What you did not get,
Where it may hurt.

Tapping into soul reality, divinity- instantly
Switchesearthly questions into bliss-
How can I heal and serve?

Time to zoom up!
Time to wash off earthly dust.
Time to kiss back spiritual flames,
Time to unforget- our truth -
We are the angels.

ANGEL FALL By Audrey Hope
Jan 30, 2012
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Dear God, Where is there an angel in this chaotic world?

And in my sleep and in my question:

I see an explosion, two towers fall, a war and children running naked and afraid. I see numbers drop on a stock chart and helplessness rise and people angry in town halls.

OH, it isn’t a dream!

And some of us are praying.
And some sit with masters on a mountain.
And some are reading books of wisdom.

And it isn’t a dream!

And all the while pain is going on.
People walking with it, through it.

Alert and awake, I suppose the angels must be lurking somewhere there-
In the middle of the collapse- while things are coming down and people are breaking.

Because Angels are in our life -
Deep in the center of it.

In the drama of the tear down- they whisper a soft parachute-
Hold on. This is the way.
Though you might fly right or left, or get lost,
you always land-

Enlightment is the only destination.

There is no clock to the one journey.
It’s always one flight- Cruxification to Resurrection.

Angels are the net.
Trust the fall.

Waiting for angels
Jan 14, 2011
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In the hardness of times,
In the painful weight of news,
The fear in heavy chains,
We call for a whisper of angels.

A plea so gently penetrating,
Like someone stranded in the desert
Yearns for just water. HELP US!

It is the cruelest of weapons,
The most dangerous of wars,
To fight with invisible arms,
When again – the strike? Where?

We send a prayer to the wind:
Perhaps someone can come,
A wise statesman, a soldier, a decree
To stop the guns.

Living anyway, getting the coffee, the kids,
Admist the death TV that rocks our peace.

And then a smile.
And then the reflective truth,
Of those who walk the world
Being lamps and breathing,
Working in small important ways.

And I see angels everywhere.
People being amazing.
And so grateful that
We are the angels we have been waiting for.

Voltage angels
Jan 14, 2011
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Meet the angels of wake-up!
Armoring us to be warriors of light.
Exploding into the Age of Aquarius,
To be, ye gods. (That’s us).
Did you really think it was about homes and cars and financial plans?

We are here to enact a revolution of light,
To align with the light,
And turn on…

The brain,
The pineal gland,
The 7 seals,
Transforming DNA,
Again to the power of Atlantis.
But this time, higher. More.

Of course, evolving has been easy for no one.
Violent eruptions without,
Temptuous storms within.
Challenging, bombing, well- everything.
Calling out survival troops, and
After all, are you still standing?

The voltage angels have been near,
Sending magenta light whisps,
Kissing our brain-
Hold on. Keep on.

One day the fruits of our labor,
The rewards of our pain.
The light shall set us free,
But by feeling it,
But by being it.

Today. Now. Finally.
The galactic secret exposed –
We are firecrackers.
Ready to weapon, burning into the new,
Which no earthly experience can darken.

Victorious as voltage angels,
You and me, to press on.

Angels fall
Jan 12, 2011
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