PrayHer By Audrey Hope
Nov 11, 2014
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Come to your senses
Step into the age
Read signs of earth water wind
Learn the language of the land.

The time invites.
The light club opens.
Enter -
But only with bags discarded.
It is not about you.

Leave behind your story,
Family pain drama and disappointments.
Release identity and past
Stay the course, no matter what.

Stop the compartments.
It’s the whole deal.
100 percent integrity- all truth and healed.
Power is deserved and earned.

Be superior to events.
Remain happy from an inside home.
Find reward in following the plan.
Forge ahead, despite what comes.

Don’t be fooled by negativity trying to eat you.
Don’t be tricked by popularity of the masses.
Don’t expect validation from persons or things.

Stand, though the world is twisted and wrong.
It applauds the superficial, puts down the sacred.
Take up the invisible sword,
Reciting the secret code:
And pray…

Prayher precious ground with carry us.
Prayher seas won’t overcry.
And the only warming is the morning sun
To awaken us to battle another day.

Mother earth, be still.
Until the work is done.
We came to save you.
We came to be strong enough to save you.

Nov 11, 2014
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I want the kind of prosperity that comes from the light, the fire, the chaos, the jungle,
The battle –survived!
Like caterpillar into butterfly,
Like ashes into phoenix,
I move into something else, after going through something.
I come out, inside stronger.

People ask me, how am I?
I reply- I’m growing- brighter.
I now live in a frequency of depth.
With hand on my chest
I gasp with (Rumi’s words):
The gold that glows in your chest when you love.
Finally a rich destination, an arrival –to the heart.

I have to thank the peoplewho broke me apart,
The events that made me bend,
The times of darkness.
Cracking up, put me back together- better.

There is treasure in the ruins,
Jewels in thepain.
Falling from cave to mountaintop,
I look up and within,
I find a place beyond life and death.

This is the invisible wealth of which I speak.

I am not tricked by the rocky road.
I am not fooled by the hurting.
We are not to get lost by the process.

Instead, to know the higher scope,
Burns up the past, changes the movie, seals the new story…
Tomake the future of queens/kings.

There is hope for us all!

No matter where we came from,
Where we have been,
What we have done.
The soul burns eternal.
The sacred heart- beats.

This is the land of forever gold.
Built with the magic wordwand- Now!
God is not a window, but a place.
Time to move in!

The Sovereignty of Her Self by Audrey Hope
Jan 22, 2014
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It was many years ago that my mission to help women began. While working in a clothing store to support my acting career, I became heartbroken by the countless women who came in to shop and hated their bodies and what they were seeing in the mirror. No matter what size, what shape, or how old they were, they would tell me stories of how they were going to fix themselves to be more perfect. It horrified me and I had to do something.

I realized women’s lack of self-love and self-esteem was caused by society, harmful images in the media, the lies of our culture, and the untold truth of her story in history. Women didn’t know they were brainwashed and had lost their goddess power, so I had to tell them, just that. My goal was to inspire a revolution in perception, by the spiritual concept that enlightenment can happen in a moment if you tell her what she needs to know.

I created Real Women TV dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media, and life-altering perspectives which can transform our world. My work led me to interview the greatest voices of our age to set the record straight. My journey then expanded to one-on-one intuitive healing to help women end their suffering.

What has changed since the beginning of my quest? Women are taking on new roles and earning more in the workplace and finding lifestyles to suit their freedom, but the damaging disease of her self-doubt is still present. The need for her inner revolution -— lives.

The foundation of power is to align spiritual energy and to protect your divinity, every day and at every moment. The trick of losing source connection is to be distracted, confused, and to believe false belief systems. Make women bow their heads in shame, waste time on guilt and self-punishment, have them worry about age and weight and she won’t take her place on her throne and will miss the alignment of her center, her light.

The real crime is not what others do to her that is harmful enough, but what she does to herself because of it. And therein lies the key to her sovereignty — she alone can stop all self-slapping and self-criticism. She alone can take back her power. The amazing healing truth is women can transform instantly by feminine spiritual law — boundaries and vows of self-love and self-care. Her resurrecting elixir is her empowering choices, and her strong decrees. With the power of no she can command —

“Stop! Enough! I will no longer believe that I am not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, and young enough. I’ll no longer allow anyone to take my energy. I will always follow my heart and speak my truth. I will end the internal war from this moment forward and not focus on what is wrong with me.

I will open up the ancient spiritual knowledge that I am a powerful goddess. I will marry myself first, and for always.”

It‘s time for women’s strength in the world. The golden age prophesy is that the goddess will take back her throne and bring balance to an unbalanced world. When she is restor(y)ed, the men and the world will follow. The sovereignty of herself is the magic wand, for her, for all, and for the sake of the planet.

HER MANDATE by Audrey Hope
Apr 24, 2013
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How sweet the tale
That restores the land
How profound the words
To herald her revolution.

The goddess returns!!!
Truth sealed in
Her story – not his.

It is a simple re-right, really.
The power is in the telling.
It sparks with electrical currents
To enlighten her, him- all.

O Goddess Queen,
Hear ye, with trumpets resounding…
Know who you are -
You are the fire, the battery, the sun,
The lighter of lights,
Making everything – more.

But they stole your story,
Cast out your throne.
With deadly pen,silent sword-
They cut out your soul.

Till now!
Undone. Unbelieved. Restoreyed.

In the name of the Goddess fire,
In Feminine Decree,
I (your name) hereby command,
To take back my ancient power.
I am the Warrioress, Angel and Queen,
The healer of the world,
The balancer of the age.
And now with magic scepter in hand,
I vow to love myself for always.
I will never again ask for permission to take back my throne.
I wait on nothing.
I reach for no one.
I fear not.
I am a Triumphant Woman,
Resurrected, Transformed,
By a self -love that can never be stolen,
By anyone, by anything, ever again.
So help me god.
Amen. So it is. So mote it be.
A declaration signed by (your name).

Her ReEvolution By Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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Her ReEvolution By Audrey Hope

Her salvation resides in knowing the path.

She must profoundly understand her road.

If   you could tell her -

The truth of her journey,

The reason she travels,

And where she is going,

Her painsteps would have meaning.

And she’d want the shoes.

All women move around

In a  circle of return.

A journey wheel back to  empowered self love.

And this is her real revolution,

Her inner ride.

She cannot escape.

She cannot get off.

Her destination is always the same-

goddess initiation-

to lose herself to find herself to never lose again.

Cruxification  to resurrection to power.

A ring of re’s- to remember, recover, rebirth,

A wheel of revelation, redemption, resurgence.

And so it goes,

She turns.

Turn One- RE-CORD- her loss of self is activated around age 5 by criticism, lack of unconditional love. Her pain is stamped.

Turn Two- RE-BOUND- her young self finds a way to cope with the loss of the soul.  She thinks it is her fault.  She learns that love is conditional.  She begins to adapt and hide her real self.

Turn Three- RE-PEAT- through circumstances and people she lives out her original wound over and over again.  Life begins to have painful themes and patterns.

Turn Four- RE-TRACTION- she feels hopeless. She wants to give up.  In the dark night of her soul she is forced to her knees in despair.  She must find the courage to face her demons.

TURN FIVE- RE-FLECT/RE-VIEW/RE-COVER- there is some light. On her knees she begins to look up. She seeks help to solve the riddle of her soul. She is challenged to know a higher perspective to transcend the pain.

TURN SIX- RE-COVER-. She explores the way out by learning to love herself first. She can make a powerful decision to change.

Turn SEVEN- RESURRECTION- like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, she has blossomed into a queen.  In her revolution she discovers her divine marriage- her true self to her power.

All women move around,

In a circle of return,

A journey wheel back to empowered self love.

The mission is called the “Sovereignty of the Self”

And all women must know it by name.

Jan 30, 2012
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“There was a time when Goddess, Priestess, Woman had great power exceeding God, Priest and Man. The Matriarchal System was the order of the day. 4000 years ago things were very different. It is amazing to find out how powerful the feminine influence had been on society and religion. I am stunned by this and all its ramifications.” Rolf Gompertz

‘I come to caress you
To kiss your lips,
To suck your breasts,
To plow your vulva,
I come to your lap
I come to your holy lap
I come to make love to you.
Bless us, Inanna, Bless us,
Bless our wombs,
Bless our fields, Bless the work of our hands,
Bless us with abundance
Of food, of goods, of children and all living things
Bless us, Inanna, Bless us, Bless us, Bless us.’ ( invocation to the goddess)

IN THE BEGINNING, WAS THE MOTHER GODDESS, and she reigned in clans, tribes, and communities in Sumer, Egypt, Babylon and Classical Greece. To be a high priestess was a holy calling. All appealed to her, so she would bless the land and the people with abundance and fertility. She was schooled in the subtle art of love, and performed the ‘SACRED MARRIAGE RITE’, the sexual act of goddess and human being, symbolizing the coming of new life. Every woman had to come to the temple at least once in her life, and lie with a man, to serve the goddess. She could return to the temple at any time during her single or married life. She could not have children and if she did, the child would be sacrificed. Many men worshipped her and cut off their penises to serve. Later in time, castration and circumcision was substituted for the ritual of sacrifice.

This was the backdrop of history in which we find Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, the first family of the bible. Using 98 books for research, and 3 Biblical sources, Rolf Gompertz has written a provocative novel called, ‘ABRAHAM, THE DREAMER-AN EROTIC AND SACRED LOVE STORY.’ It is the work of a master storyteller using the ‘Midrash’, the rabbinical tradition of telling stories to shed light on biblical texts. At age 70, Rolf felt that it was time to send a message through the story of Abraham, our founding patriarch. ‘I hope’, he says, ‘you will find my book a value intellectually, emotionally and spiritually as we continually journey in love and service to God and our fellow human beings.’

Through Rolf’s work we explore the love triangle of Abraham, Hagar and Sarah; the binding of Isaac on Mt Moriah; the move from polytheism to the worship of one god; and we connect sex and religion, human and divine love.. ALL THIS IN 260 PAGES. Rolf says, ‘I really wanted to show how important love is, what it can be like and should be like between a man and woman, when it is right on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual’. The book is filled with erotic and graphic sex, because Rolf believes that sex is a powerful and basic force in life-the creative force in the universe. By the way, all this is in character with the bible itself which deals openly with sex. (Example- David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah, Lot and his daughters, the songs of Solomon.)

I am grateful to Rolf for taking a serious look at our ‘holy book’. So many of us believe that every word in the Bible is the work of God. This creates serious problems, because the truth is, the bible underwent all kinds of editing, by many individuals for many reasons. The Hebrew bible with its 5 books of Moses, the 21 books of the prophets, and the other 13 books were only standardized after 5 centuries of handling. We are left with unsatisfactory explanations. What happened to the woman?

Rolf has put back the goddess in his-story and honored her in all her power. Rolf agrees with the many scholars who proposed that Sarah, our first patriarch, was a high priestess in service to the goddess, and not just a wife, a homemaker. IT WAS ONLY MUCH LATER THAT MEN OVERCAME WOMEN AND EMERGED TRIUMPHANT. Northern invaders, hunters and warriors, brought their male supreme father gods that they created in their own image. Our feminine movement reaching back into the 19th century and coming into its own by end of 20th century represents the same effort to correct the imbalance. It is time to bring back the powerful goddess in all her power for the mutual benefit of the world.

Rolf came to America in 1939 at 11 years of age to escape Nazi Germany. He lived through Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass on November 9, 1938, and settled in Los Angeles with his parents. In 1987, he returned to Krefeld,, his birthplace in the Rhineland, to give a keynote speech on the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht. He served as a German translator and worked as a publicity director at NBC for 30 years. He started his own company, raised a family and hosted his own cable tv show called ‘Journeys into Judaism’. But through all his days, he had a deep calling to write. His six other books, including, ‘My Jewish Brother Jesus’, his short stories, and his poetry, are messages of faith, love and hope.

It is said in the Jewish mystical tradition that we are all messengers. Rolf’s Hebrew name is Menacham, which means conforter. He conforts us with his magical works of love.

Contact Rolf gompertz at 818-980-3576
Book 14.95 from
Toll free 1-877-823-9235
Available at neighborhood bookstores.

Audrey Hope is the writer, producer and host of ‘REEL WOMEN’, an award-winning cable tv talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Write to with stories of hope in our city.

Suggested reading
Jonathan Kirsch-’The Harlot by the Side of the Road’
Merlin Stone- ‘When God Was a Woman’
Elizabeth Gould Davis, – ‘The First Sex’
Riane Eisler, ‘The Chalice and the Blade’
B.Z.Goldberg-’ The Sacred Fire- The Story of Sex in Religion’
Savina J. Teubal- ‘Ancient Sisterhood: The Lost Traditions of Hagar and Sarah
Diana Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer-’Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth’

WOMEN, KNOW (NO) MORE by Audrey Hope
Jan 3, 2012
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I dedicate this story to Darby Davis, a shining light. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and all women. You matter so much and I hope you know that!

Women are the sacred push. She is the match to inner fire. With arms outstretched she gives the apple – a passionate invitation to ascend. Her gift is her ignition, her sacred fuse, and without it, the world sways too heavy in unbalanced darkness. Everything has suffered from her robbery, the rape of the goddess. BUT NO (KNOW) MORE! The world is crying for light. Help begins and ends with her return.

Transformation can happen in a moment. The magic wand that we do possess is the power to correct learned mis-information about her – now and through the ages. And this has been my sacred mission that began long ago – A RE-EVOLUTION – to tell women the truth. Her resurrection ignites with the question, “Do you know that you have been brainwashed, and that it has cost you your soul?”

Salvation rests in her knowing the real story- her story in history. Salvation rests in her knowing the spiritual path back to the “sovereignty of the self.” Salvation rests upon her and that is why it is a celebration! To heal her, no one else needs to be present, there is nothing to believe in, and no one to wait for. She must simply take back her seat on the throne, hear the truth and be restore(y)d. Like Dorothy in Oz, she already has the shoes.

A woman is a queen. She is the enlightening force of every civilization. As stated in the Vedic Scriptures, “The degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.” As Riane Eisler tells so beautifully in her life-altering book, The Chalice and the Blade, “There is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and partnership and embraced a feminine ethos of love and compassion.” As Rolf Gompertz wrote in his ground-breaking book, Abraham, The Dreamer, “There was a time when goddess, priestess, woman had great power exceeding god, priest and man.” But it goes much deeper than this…

The clarion call has been sounded! The trumpet has blown! Call it the Age of Aquarius, the end of a calendar, the prophesy of masters and saints. It is a time like no other, a potential golden age – a line up in the sky, a set-up of the planets. We came back to earth for another chance. And we all came!

This is our spiritual opportunity to embrace the truth of who we really are… multidimensional light beings, more than our 5 senses. Our job now is to activate our sacred geometry, to raise our frequency and vibration and to “feel God” on our central nervous system. As HH Shri Mataji, World Spiritual Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee has stated, it is a “blossom time” when we can solve the problem of the human being, through the collective awakening of humanity. In other words, the spiritual activation of the self – self-realization. In other words, to turn on THE DIVINE FEMININE MOTHERING ENERGY WITHIN ALL OF US.

To think you could hide the goddess power throughout the world and the centuries! To think you could burn documents, burn women, and keep her silenced! To think you could weave a tale of history- about men through his conquests of war and blame women for the fall from grace! These horrific deceptions did more than ruin nations, and cause pain. These lies did more than incite pornography, incest, domestic violence, the selling of daughters into slavery, the rape of children, and female circumcision. The deadliest crime of all, the grandest trick of control, is to imprison women in a hateful battle against herself.

As a spiritual healer, I have spent years investigating the soul at the “root of the root of the root” for revolutionary ways to transform. There are simple profound truths about positive and negative energy. The secret of power is to clear, protect and align our energy every day, just as we shower.

The loss of power, what makes us weak, is the evil trick of distraction, confusion and separation of self. It is a weapon as old as time. It comes in disguise. Busy, and in its maze, our heads are bowed, and our days are spent trying to be worthy of the light. We never stay, still, long enough to align in the radiance. Self – doubt is a deadly weapon, our “Achilles heel.

Women have bought into the dangerous trickery, with their own harmful self-criticism that believes – I am not skinny enough, I am not young enough, I am not pretty enough. ENOUGH!!! Women must know the game and conquer it right now! It must stop! All healing at its core, is not what others do to us, but what we do to ourselves because of it.

She must do everything to get back to a strong “marriage of self.” The greatest manifesting force we possess is self-love. She must stand in the light and know she is queen. With hand on heart, she can begin to decree… I am now ready to transform. I am now commanding 100 percent of my own energy field, my life force, back, from those I gave it to and those who took it, now and throughout time. I will protect, clear and align my energy every day. And I will live by strong boundaries of self-love. I vow to never put myself down. I vow to never let anyone treat me badly again. I vow to honor my true heart and voice.

A magnificent destiny awaits us when the goddess is enthroned. In her shining radiance, the healing of men and the world will follow. Herstory can be now be written in all its magic and splendor, as a victorious tale about a beautiful queendom that saved the world!

Jan 1, 2012
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“The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you.”

As Woman, High Priestess, Goddess, Wife, Mother, Lover, Friend,
I vow to marry myself…first.
I promise to love, honor and respect me for all time.
I promise to speak my truth and listen to my sacred heart.
I know that I AM A QUEEN.
And I join you in my knowing of what I am.
And I take you as partner, husband, because you understand…
The Holy Grail is my body,
Divine light flows in my veins,
And together in holy joining,
We both sanctify,
The power of who I really am.
I choose, dear beloved, to cherish you,
As sacred love from Heaven and God above,
But only on the terms of this agreement.

Jan 1, 2012
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Circling with her through time and tears
She begins to sound the same path.
No matter where she began,
Or with whom she walks,
Across language and culture,
She tells the same story.
Always the same story-

It is a triumphant tale.
It is sad.
It is amazing.
The rape of her soul to her resurrection –
Losing to find.

Applaud her.
She deserves it.
She has overcome, the once upon a time:
There lived a beautiful goddess,
And men were kings and knew how to honor her gifts.

Until one day, they grew scared of her power,
And fooled her into believing she was weak,
And it was all her fault.
Slow and steady they crafted a wrong story.
It was the deadliest of weapons,
The worst of crimes,
Implanting self-doubt in her veins to keep her quiet.

In endless years of subtle brainwashing,
They covered her mirror,
They killed her power.
Always she was in the shadow of pain,
But mostly, for the loss of herself.

Till finally exhausted and spent,
She falls and bellows to the wind,
A rage, not heard by human ears-
“Who have I been listening to?
Certainly not the truth that burns inside my breasts.”

And she screams.

Jan 1, 2012
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If I only had one page, one moment, to give her life-saving information, to help her be free. I would say…..

Her healing is simple and instant, if you tell her the things she needs to know. No one else needs to be present. Only herself and a chair, and a spiritual vow- “I AM NOW ALLOWING MYSELF TO TRANSFORM.”

For when she regains her throne, the sovereignty of self, when she becomes the lighthouse, the beacon, she invites and inspires the men and the world to do the same. Women first.

Because women are the enlightening strength of every civilization. It is her mothering energy of love and compassion that is the hope for the world. As stated in the Vedic Scriptures: The degree to which women are respected, is the degree to which a society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.

It is time to re-turn, to lead a sacred re-evolution, to honor the inner beauty of being a real woman, a queen. It is time to resurrect the goddess within and restore(y) her story in history.

Because her problems began at the beginning.
Women need to know they are brainwashed.

Throughout the centuries, women have been assaulted and manipulated and lied to. Original documents of the goddess have been hidden and burned.

Her story has been his story- a saga of man through his conquests of war and women delegated to secondary creature and like Eve, in the garden, blamed for the fall from grace.

HISTORY HAS BEEN A DAMAGING DECEPTION, a horrific crime of such magnitude, that it’s corruption has raped her soul, cut off her true potential, her authentic voice, replacing her natural feminine gifts with wounds of self judgment, and self doubt. And self-doubt is the greatest of evils!

Living in a world of impossible standards, she always feels bad about herself. She battles an internal war that says, I am not pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, skinny enough, enough! She can only focus on what is wrong with herself and what needs to be fixed. If she is always worried about wrinkles and age and weight, she will be distracted from her power. It is a dirty trick, a double crime to turn her against herself. In its extreme, dangerous belief systems instigates rape, pornography, incest, domestic violence and female circumcision.

THANK GOD, we are now saving her, telling her true story, her side of it. As Riane Eisler, author of ‘The Chalice and The Blade’ has stated, “there is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female, and men and women lived in harmony and partnership and embraced a feminine ethos of love.”

As Rolf Gompertz, wrote in his earth shattering book, “Abraham, The Dreamer… “ there was a time when goddess, priestess, woman had great power exceeding god, priest and man.”

Thank God we can now tell a victorious tale about a beautiful queen who took back her throne.

Every woman has the same journey, the same story, the same initiation, the same path to goddesshood – losing herself to find herself to never lose again. A cruxification to her resurrection to self love. And then triumphant she can reign again.

How can she take back her seat, her rightful place?
She must marry herself first and live by royal vows of self love.
Her happiness is a positive active conscious choice/decision to change.

In her chair alone, she must call out…
I vow to never let anyone treat me badly ever again.
I vow to honor my voice.
I vow to follow my heart.
I vow to love myself unconditionally.
I vow to take responsibility for my life.
I know that every relationship, is a heavenly mirror to reflect me back to wholeness, what I need to learn.
I know a relationship is an illusion, if I think the other person can save me.
The best me is the only answer to divine sacred union.
My name is Knightress, Warrioress, Perfecta and Queen.

A woman can heal herself, in her own room, in her own chair.
And then she can offer her holy advice….
Take the apple.

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