Apr 24, 2013
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One holy word
With power to move change-

Put in a chanted mantra,
It has inner revolution-

We should plant a new garden of paradise
With this sacred seedcode.
It grows real wellth,
And kills the icky weeds of greed.
It stops the hurtful morning wish,
To be someplace else,
Have something more,
Always wanting more!

Our lives are now commercials,
and how to have things,
As is owning, selling, getting
Is a formula to buy peace.
It doesn’t work, it can’t…

We aren’t in the right direction,
We are not on our knees,
We aren’t looking up,
Hands magnetized in holy reverence.

It is time to write a new earth song,
And recite it day by day.

Dear Blessed Mother Earth,
From earth keeper crystal to galactic sun
Let me care for you.
I thank you for this beautiful land I borrow,
For the walk on hallowed ground.
I see the simple majesty of sun, rose, breath.
The grace, the royalty of your splendor,
(So sorry I don’t say it enough.)

Aug 9, 2012
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“If you do not understand how to balance your existing world, you cannot enter your next level of pure god light and love. This means that all the wasted emotions of anger, resentment and judgment must not be your reality for a moment.” ENOCH


Think of the great ones.

They are still.

They say very little.

They think, then speak.

They are not emotional.

The ancient secrets of manifestation reveal the sacred truth that a power lies within, that one can access to create every aspect of their world.  One – knowing they can – can sit in a chair and create a kingdom. We are alchemists and can change energy into matter, and matter into energy, and our dreams into reality.

The ancient symbols of geometry, the language of light and perfection are the magic tools of creation.  They activate our DNA and the secret codes within, to raise our frequency and vibration.  When we are “in –light-end”, the chakras spin more energy into the spine, and raise our vibration to the divine god vibration.

ABUNDANCE IS A HIGH VIBRATION.  We already carry the magic of 5th dimensional divine love.  It has no opposite, no polarity, no contradiction.  But, it takes the discipline of the gods to live there.

One must honor the silence, and fight off the distractions of the noisy world.  One must kill dark negative thoughts and emotions that drain the pure energy- moment to moment, and over and over again.

Manifestation is two steps.

First you clear, then you create.

In clearing the soul, you need to investigate your shadows, your blocks, your “Achilles Heel” – the wound that activates your deepest fear. The most dangerous portal opening is self-abandonment and fear. It needs to be sealed up to guard against negative entities that take you out of your power.

The next step is to create and live in positive mind, 80 percent of the time. Intend what you want. Leave out the “but’s”.

Think of yourself as having a power tube that runs through the center of your head to your heart.

Feel the light contained within it.

Check it every moment.

Does it lose electrons because of negative emotions and thought?

Watch it carefully.

Restore it constantly.

Keep it contained for yourself.

Don’t let others steal your energy.

Don’t give it away.

Keep your tube of light filled with all your electrons.


I AM MEANT By Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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In this state, this place,
I am meant
To be heaven above, earth below,
In me, wholly at once.

In truth, though blindly,
I am a hologram
Alive in many directions,
Though my feet hit firmly on the ground.

This is a planet of mirrored elegance-
Air, water, earth, sky
And everything I see,
I am too…

Need I question to care?
Need I ask and how?

It is a simple code of living,
Really, after all,
To reflect answers
Out my window,
Where nature speaks…
When the forests cry rain, it is my tear,
When the land shakes, it is our pain.

And the 2012 prophesy is in the tides!
Water as supreme messenger
Carries the new age in waves -
Some already come, some on its way.

I suppose we need a special boat,
Fueled by heart and spirit,
And captained by mavericks,
Fearless us, who stay the course.

I hear the sea-
We are meant to be in power,
We are meant to herald peace,
We are meant to change the world,
And I bow to the chance.

Aug 9, 2012
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Do you dare .. to live on high?

Do you have the courage to walk straight, when the arrows on the road of time, cross often and point you to distraction?

Do you have the strength to keep the pure choice?

Do you know how to make boundaries even though you may.. lose, be alone , have empty pockets and gain nothing that  the world can see?  Living life on a high note, is not for the small soul, or the faint of heart.

If you join the club of the high note people, you will have to listen to beethovens symphonies, look at rodins sculptures, smell freshly cut flowers and say hello to the sea.  To be initiated, you will have to make all your own rules, tell your family to be quiet, give some friend the boot, and cry alone.  You may have to quit your joy, move to another city, work by moonlight and follow an invisible watch and calendar.

You will have to talk to fish, watch willows blow in the wind, and laugh with your children.  You wil have to exit many rooms, travel in pain and hear words that call you crazy.  Often.

And all you may get in the club, at the end, is some voice that may whisper to you, “ hey, I admire you, you knew how to live.”  And your only response might be a gentle knowing in the deep planes of your heart, that says, “ yes, I have lived.”

This will have to be your new boundaries.

I am my own master.

I promise to never put myself down.

I am beautiful, because I breathe.

I will accept nothing but the best.

You will have to understand the nature of power and the light.  You will have to ask often.. who have I given my power to?  Has anyone sucked my energy?  Who must I get it back from?  What past memory must I retract?  Do I have 100 percent of my life force?  Have I adapted anothers belief or thought system?  Will I command my heart to return?

You can save years of distress, if you make choices that suit your own soul.  Choices make you- the king and queen of you.  Choices of self-love make you stand strong in the breeze, alone in the sand, with your heart pink with unconditional love for yourself, and the world.  In the choice of strength of spirit, it is enough to have your own feet.

In the jungle, your safety is in keeping the greatness of your own soul.  Your elevator has one direction, no stop signs, and no decisions about buttons to push.  It is enough that you know that you move beyond the third dimension – with Einstein, and Gandhi and the beatles and the lakers..

On the high yellow brick road, you may meet the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion, and the witch and the wizard, but  you own your own shoes.  You will never take them off for people, for money, for fame.  The dark forest you will pass and the poison is the fake garden, and the empty rooms behind the doors. But, you will have committed to living somewhere over the rainbow, where dreams are born.

To life life on the high note, is not for the little soul.  But, it will inspire the weak, and  of course, it will get you invited to many parties.  Others will look up when you pass, and ask you many questions and wonder, “ how do yu do it?  How do you keep moving? Tell me how.  And may I thank you and honor you for reminding me that there is another way.”  Yes, that choice will do that much.  And in our world, in our times, we need the compass that will seek the peaks.

Commit, choose, stay and walk on the high road with the high note.  Keep solid and straight, because happiness is not a crooked tune.

Jan 30, 2012
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Nothing is difficult that is wholly desired. Course in miracles

Intent, the push of the heart, the call of the soul, the pangs of a dream, will carry you. The hope beyond despair, the vision that stays stuck, the plan, despite all logic, the faith that surpasses all understanding, will sustain you. Embrace desire, because it is gods voice in your ear.

When you are certain of what you want, really certain of what you want, you have enough ammunition to shoot the spots of failure. That is because the golden pot at the rainbows edge, will give meaning to every little moment in your life. Your eyes will be able to stretch far enough to see beyond mediocrity and pain. In the clarification of a goal, you can suspend all petty details and save your life.

No one who has a single purpose, unified and sure, will ever lose. Everyday, you can begin at the beginning and begin again. Every sunrise, you can choose to join your big truth, and let go of your little life. In choosing a long road with spectacular color and holding on, you can let go of all other things that do not fit the picture.

When life gets tough, when love seems to falter, when disappointment knocks at your door, when god seems to have taken his hike, you can find peace in your purpose. It will never betray you or let you down, because it is your art, created by you, and gives you reason for breath.

In search of your treasure, every hour could be luminous, because every moment is part of the dream you would find. Your every effort will be to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objective. The distraction of life, of people and places and things will stop its importance, and turn into a small balloon that you can send off in the breeze.

In focus, in preparation of a grander dream, is your salvation. Because vision and intent will shift and replace all wandering thoughts. You will be able to choose beauty and veil all ugliness. You will be able to change your mind in an instant. The instant brings correction of despair.

What for? What is the purpose are the questions, we must learn to ask in connection with all of life. It will direct all efforts automatically. The power of wanting is a gift. It will spring your feet, conquer your battles, allay your fears and keep you young.

Awaken to the desire In your soul. Say truly, “I am the fulfilled activity and sustaining power of every constructive thing I desire. Desire is the energy of heaven here on earth.

EARMUFFS By Audrey Hope
Jan 30, 2012
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Great Spirit,
I want to hear you,
But the world is talking…

Making an invisible carnival of noise,
To hide the stillness,
And the time to find you…

Committing a dangerous crime,
More destructive than bombs and guns-
DISTRACTING me from you.

Spiraling and turning
And round and about,
To confuse my line,
to mess with my hearing.

But my wisdom/antidote/defense is clear-


And like my friends in distant lands,
Like the child next door,
I learn a gift,
More precious than gold.

Truth is an arrow.
A straight line,
Raw and pointed.

There is few words in it.

In the dissolution of all stupid noise,
I hear the only thought that matters.

Great Spirit, I am with you.
Great Spirit, I am with you.
Great Spirit, I am with you.

And guide me to help myself and the planet.

Jan 30, 2012
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“A ‘relation- ship’ is a ride to your wholeness.
Its’ rough waves are your reflection.
A love story is your mirror –
To move you to embrace your own anchor to halt the storms.”

It is a mystery whom we choose to love. Trying to understand relationships and trying to be practical with love – is like trying to learn Chinese from a Russian teacher. It doesn’t work. It is the wrong language. You cannot talk to your mind and make sense of your heart.

Love can hurt and it is not supposed to. It is much to love and ask nothing in return. But loving comes with many questions. Why do we sit beside that someone? Why are their bonds that cannot untie? Is it because of karma? Past lives? Psychology? Luck? Randomness? Love can sometimes be the only riddle in your smart, rational life- the only part that can break and mesh you and ply your ego into softness.

Love is your mirror. The other reflects back to you, what you need to heal in yourself. Isn’t it amazing, how you can be anywhere on the planet and find, like a needle in the haystack, the one person who pushes your buttons and reminds you of your mother, father, or last relationship. We are shown through the eyes of another, our sacred wound, that calls for mending. The pain revealed is our blessing. It will repeat and turn, and come again and again until you solve it. And so, we must dig it up and explore it, without blame. There is a jewel in a broken heart.

Women, who are from Venus, suffer differently from the men from Mars. Women are not programmed for self-esteem. Women learn how to give and play victim, and accept less in their lives. At the end of the affair, they ask, “ what did I do wrong?” Women left alone, will always blame themselves. They stay too long. They allow themselves to be with men who don’t commit. They believe they can change a man. Their boundaries lack solidity because they simple do not love themselves enough.

Men suffer in love because they process love later than women, and often lose, in regret. Men possess armor around their heart and ego. Men are afraid of their emotions, and when they begin to acknowledge the pain, it is often too late. The woman has already picked up her heart from the floor and cried all her tears. And so lost love will often haunt a man for many years. If life will hammer at their hearts, and they are aware, they can wake up in time, and seek to love in truth and honesty.

Thank God, a man and a woman meet in the yearning for love. Because it is never about the job, the house, the money or the career. In our souls, the call is the same. And, we need each other. Desperately. Passionately. Divinely.

We can survive loves war, because there are laws in loves’ mystery. They are the inner boundaries that can save. A woman needs self-esteem before she needs a man. And a man needs to break the prison of his ego, before he takes a woman’s hand. You control the mystery of love by living the laws for yourself. There lies the power in the battle.

• Never let anyone treat you badly
• Never settle for less
• Never be afraid to express yourself
• Be willing to lose everything to stand alone in integrity
• Walk away with pain, and don’t look back
• Never seek money from another
• Claim inner peace and freedom as your goal
• Know that God always rewards an act of self-love
• Explore where you sell out
• Never accept mediocrity
• Speak your truth
• Believe in the beauty of love
• Never give up on the dream

A loving relationship is the gift of heaven. Be Whole. Always. Find it within. Then seek it in another.

NATIVE SOUL by Audrey Hope
Jan 3, 2012
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Oh, my native soul
Inherent constitution,
Natural like every breath
And written in blood
With a heart code
Of primitive law.

You see, we are joined to the same club,
With rights from heaven above,
Making us all one color – LIGHT.

And truth that needs no document,
And integrity that lets us sleep,
And justice with a price higher than this world.

Have we fallen so far from the tree,
We forgot our roots,
And that we travel – one way-
By love,
Of land, of each other
And it is good to care.

1. My job is to become the lighthouse and inspire others to do the same
2. Like Dorothy in Oz, the answer is in my own shoes
3. Life is the real guru, the mirror to show me – me
4. I manifest my issues and what I need to learn
5. My karma is in my drama
6. My soul wound is in patterns, and characters that repeat
7. It is not about what others do to me, but what I do to myself because of it
8. I end the worst crime – self doubt ( a dirty trick to keep us weak)
9. Everything is energy and I clear, protect and align everyday
10. I know I am the light. I am the light….

With hand on my heart, and in a moment of quietude…
Oh, my native soul!

Victory of the determined soul
Jan 14, 2011
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I dedicate these words to all my friends who keep on keeping on, despite the storms

Life is how you swim through.
Drowning maybe, sometimes, and being pulled into the currents, but knowing how to keep afloat on the river. It’s how you stay in the boat, again and again that matters. Especially when you look daily at the waves that calls you to remember things. How do you bless the river? Make yourself the beautiful vessel and respect the ride.

Failure is when you want to reach the shore so desperately and long to hear the people clap when you arrive. Failure is needing a mathematical system to calculate the movement, when you are really flowing nicely in the breeze. Failure is taking a clock with you.

Failure is being captive with your ego as your compass. Failure is listening to loud negative voices and missing the beauty of the gentle night with the moon. Failure is looking for the work of art without the process. You watch and wonder, “Where is it, where is it?” but, in your fight to your destination, you are using the wrong language. You need to be in silence, when you are lost.

SUCCESS IS UNDERSTANDING THE VICTORY OF THE DETERMINED SOUL. It is that you ever reach, no matter where the boat goes. The center is always the point when you can see the yellow sun and the blue sky. You got in. You’re still in… despite the chaos, the confusing times, the destruction and the foreboding tempest.

Is it not a miracle that there are those among us, who still gather to embrace truth, freedom and love? Is it not a miracle that some still choose light amidst the darkness and open the door to high dreams, while the world is laughing from the ground.(though still with outstretched arms.)

Is it not amazing, astounding and magical that some refuse limitation and mediocrity? Is it not courageous that you can stay afloat on the boat, on the river, in the night, with your own beautiful heart to navigate?

Who cares about the outcome anyway. It is never how it looked when you began. As you change many directions, many times, you get to wave to all the other ships that pass. Those aboard are friends, who watch with care.

It is to look up to find the course. Closing your eyes, you may feel the angels blow a gentle kiss to steer the way. They are so happy that you move like gods and see with your heart. They are happy that you wake with vision and music from other spheres. They are joyful that you know that the way- is keeping THE VICTORY OF A DETERMINED SOUL.

Teach me how to bow
Jan 14, 2011
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