Aug 9, 2012
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Many of us on the path of light, could wonder why things seem so hard.  Still.  No matter what we try, there is always a wall, a force, a barrier to keep us from manifesting our dreams.

Because our mission is to increase the vibrational frequency of the earth and to bring love and light back to our planet, we can be attacked by forces of opposition – The dark.

We don’t want to embrace this truth.  But we must.  The dark is subtle and dangerous.  It does not come knocking and say – “hi, I am the dark”.  It meets you in secret, in your thoughts and fears and in those around you.

John Livingston, a master of the removal of entities and author of the new book, ‘Adversaries Walk Among Us’ says -“ demons are on a mission to create fear and chaos and distraction, and to keep light workers from achieving their life purpose.” Through simple procedures to remove the dark forces, we can heal fear, depression, stress, fatigue, pain, addiction, obsession, inner turmoil and loss of power.  (

I would like to share some techniques for healing and three powerful healers in this arena.  They all work with the assistance of the archangels, especially the angel of protection, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Angels are messengers of the god force, the beings of light and the vibration of the Christos energy.  Master Kuthumi says that angels are underemployed.  They await our call for help and protection because they honor the sacred condition of free will.  They follow law.  When we call, they are obligated to come.  They command unique job functions and responsibilities.  We must make our requests specific and use the angelic kingdom to help us do battle for the light.

Amara Mahdhuri ( says we must verify the spirits of light by saying the following command –

1.“I command you to show your true face.” (It is a universal law that this must be done.  If the being shows you that it is evil, then you can use the following command to clear it from your presence forever).

2.“I command you in the name of Jesus to gently leave me now and forever. (3 times).

3.“I ask Archangel Michael to come and take you to where you belong.”

4.“I fill the void with peace, love and harmony, so be it.” Dr. Linnea Bailey, PhD, works with spiritual techniques from ancient mystery schools to remove entities. (

1. Conduct a Body Scan - ask, are you a part of me, or something else? If yes, call on protection: “In the name of the light, I call on The WARRIOR ANGELS OF LIGHT, to come forward andcompletely surround me, to stand against the darkness that would interfere.  Protect my loved ones, etc. (The image is of these mighty beings standing shoulder to shoulder, creating animpenetrable force field).

2. Call on MIGHTY RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT to gently but swiftly reach into me and remove this dark one, bind him in a capsule of light that is impervious and impenetrable.  Remove all cords, webs, tentacles, and connection of any sort that this one has to me in any way, and bind it all in this capsule of light.  RESCUE SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT, fill this capsule with light, love, and peace and harmony.  Now quickly and swiftly escort this one to his appointed place in the light.  Also remove ones who are hiding, any watchers outside my auric field.

3. I ask the WARRIOR ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to tighten the circle, not allowing any conduit of darkness to enter this space.

4. I call on ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND HIS LEGION OF HEAVEN to assist in removing these dark ones and escorting them to the light.

5. I call on the CLEAN UP CREWS OF THE LIGHT to come forward and cleanse and scrub me completely.  Remove any residue left behind by these entities.

6. I call on the HEALING ANGELS OF THE LIGHT to come forward and spread a healing balm of light in through and around every aspect of my being.

Then drink lots of water. Rest.  Take a hot bath with apple cider vinegar.

Angels are committed to one thing only – the light.  THE LIGHT ALWAYS WINS.

Aug 9, 2012
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After all the years of therapy, all the exploring, all the trying to answer the puzzle of why you do what you do – there comes a moment – when in the simple knowing of your own power, you can clear the blocks in your life.  There is that point when the brain has done its job, and can do no more to help.  The soul holds things, the roots of your pain, and that is where the attention needs to go.

To heal the soul, one must be like a little child, and go past the head to the heart, without thinking.  The soul will talk to you through pictures and images that reveal.

Here are some multidimensional spiritual techniques to clear the major issues of life:

When you are feeling depressed - Simply allow bright sunlight from above your head, to rain in your body.  Say simply, I now allow divine light into every cell of my body.

To remove painful feelings - See the pain as a big ball that can fall out of you and be sucked into the earth.

To protect yourself from someone’s wrath – Put a shield of gold around your aura.  Imagine the aura as an egg 2 inches above you, 2 inches to your right, 2 inches to your left, and 2 inches behind you.

To forget a painful memory – Imagine the episode on a movie screen in front of you.  Play the movie, and throw violet paint on it.  Say simply, I now command my consciousness to release this painful memory.  I bless it, and let it go.

When you feel drained – Look deep inside to see who is holding your light and life force.  Imagine all those who have taken your light to be in front of you, and demand your energy back.  Feel the rays of energy come back into you.

To break up with your boyfriend – Feel where you are corded to him in your body.  Gently imagine that you are pulling the cord away from your body, and send it away.  Run gold light where the cord was.

To gather money – Smell money.  Feel it raining all over you. Rethink money to be god-energy.  Say, I now accept great abundance in my life.

To clear a damaging belief system – See where the belief system sits in your body.  What picture does it form?  Command that the picture leave your body. Mark it cancelled with a red marker.

To heal a relationship – Put that person in a chair beside you and talk to them.  Get out all your true feelings, and be done.  Say, I love and forgive you.

To deal with anger – Pretend you are in a hall of mirrors, shaped like an octagon.  Command that person to enter that space, and stand and tell that person all that you feel.  Have a fit, if you must. Rage and scream.  Look them in the eye and tell them to stop messing with you.  This is done with harm to none.

To manifest your dream – Imagine you in your future self with all that you desire.  Pull this image into your body.  Merge physically with it.  Spin gently to the left, counterclockwise.

To sleep – Ask the angels to put you in a sleeping chamber.  Sleep with violet light around you.

To call in your highest love - Put yourself in a sacred circle with violet flame around you.  Be a magnet, and claim, ” I now magnetize my true love to me.  I decree that all obstacles to this happening are now removed.”  Feel the energy of the other soul, come forward.  Merge with the energy in the circle.

For health - Imagine you are 100 percent healthy. Merge with that healthy body, by bringing it forth, and allowing the sick body to walk out of you.

For a great life - Say, I am that I am.  I am my consciousness.  I allow great abundance, joy, peace and love into my life, now.  And as I say it, so it is.

SHHHHH by Audrey Hope
Aug 9, 2012
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I have been looking for you. Lord,

In all the days of my life.

Asking, praying, begging- trying for you.

I bowed so low to masters, I knocked my soul.

I chanted so loud, I cracked the thundering sky.

This way. That way.

Zigzagging drums and clanging trumpets-

My head a war zone of noise.

Please stop the Cacophony – I scream-

My brain is exploding.

And with hands over my ears, holding for mercy,

I crawl into the forest, through the trees, under the sky,

Near the birds, in flowers, beside a pond-

To finally –to SILENCE.

Shhhhh- the wind whispered.

Shhhhh- the air spoke.

In sacred surrender,

I hear the new holy sound- SHHHHH.

I hear the magnificent beauty of the magnificent earth.

Nature, my blessed teacher,

In glorious stillness,

Finally, at once, teaching me you!!


God is in the silence.

Aug 5, 2012
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It may seem not…
That we are the same,
For you think this way,
And I think that.

You go to church on Sunday
And I meditate midweek.
Your skin is dark,
Mine is light,
Except for some days in the sun,
(We are a similar hue).

You believe your God is special,
And mine is not right,
And I need help, to be saved.

And we can talk for years about our differences,
or kill each other on the battlefield,
or in the street.

But, isn’t it true?
We do the in and out thing,
The up and down and down and up,
The inhale exhale
A holy mantra-
The universal religion of breath.

No matter what race what color what money in the bank,
We all breathe-
ON- the only place there is,
OURhome, the earth.

How can we be separate?
What is there to compare?
Maybe only to measure
How much, how deep, how fast,
This heavenlypulse.

We are all in
In rhythm as one,
In one rhythm.  IN ONE.

HAVING HOPE by Audrey Hope
Jan 30, 2012
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“Change your point of view and everything changes.”

I cannot think of anything that we all need now, more than ever, than hope. Everyday my phone is ringing with friends and family asking for ways to make it through. And in my own life, I am trying to find the secret to keeping the faith. The world is hitting us hard. Our personal towers are shaking. Alot.

We either have hope or we don’t. And without it, we are lost. Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart. It is a behavior to be learned, a challenge to be embraced, a creed to grasp on to. Hope transcends the world that is immediately experienced and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons. It is not the same as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the knowing that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out. It is hope above all, which gives us the strength to live, and to live well.

Hope is the space we jump into, when the next step would be the cliff. It calls inside our soul and whispers a secret… GO ON. GO ON. GO ON. Hope begins with an H, because we ask, how can we move another inch? How do we sleep through another eternity of the night when ugly images dance in our heads? How do we continue to live, wondering why so many have had to die?

Hope is the friend we can call to, every hour, every minute, to tell us that love is still love, and happiness and peace is still possible amidst the chaos of a troubled world. It helps us yield to the belief that terrorism will stop tomorrow, and people will stop hurting, and pain will cease to be pain.

Hope is the yank to pull on for dear life. Hope holds us to greatness, when we see only rain, and glimpses the dream in our silent room. Hope is a dimension of the soul and does not need circumstance to call it forth. Hope is the flower that we plant with the watering of our own breath.

When we cultivate hope, we can know that we are all-one and not alone. In hope’s power we are free. Hope lets us feel the message of God, and to wait patiently for the answer. Even if it never comes, it makes us realize that everything happens for a higher reason and the greatest good. Hope makes no sense. It cannot be discussed with logic of the mind and offers nothing that can be proven with the senses. Like the secret mystery of life, it asks only that we put on new eyes – to see beauty in the rubble, and to imagine paradise from the dust.

In hope, it is enough to have a friend, the health of family and a dime to spare. In hope, it is enough to walk to the ocean and smell the sea and remember that we all walk a similar road. In hope, it is enough to see the sun.

In the silence of the morning, through the noise of the day, upon the moonlight of the night, stay still a moment. Hope’s embrace is the vision of a better tomorrow where all wishes do come true.

“Waiting the word of the master,
Watching the hidden light,
Listening to catch his orders,
In the very midst of the fight.
Seeing his slightest signal
Across the heads of the throng,
Hearing his faintest whisper,
Above earth’s loudest song.” J. Krishnamurti

Jan 3, 2012
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With the patience of saints, we have been waiting,
With the responsibility of kings, we prepare,
With the wisdom of masters, we know…
Not coming, not tomorrow, but now,
And what about love?

Like the powerful planetary settings,
Our heartchange
Cannot be ordinary- but potent,
Not shallow, but deep,
For the times require it.
A “together shield” is a necessity for the work to be done!

And spiritual partnership is our dragon,
Two equal pillars, looking up to god,
as iron triangle to elevate the planet.

And if you are wondering, will I meet him/her?
Soulmates save the world,
Your lovedream helps the cause.
And traveling in love, is our new defense.
And so it must be!

Follow now the laws of twin flame love.
1. Make a decision to have the highest
2. Connect to source in all things
3. Become the person you desire to be with
4. Know it is time
5. And say this simple prayer with all your heart:

Dear God, I call to the love angels, archangels, master
and guides- I am now ready to join with my spiritual
partner to help in the mission to enlighten the planet at
this auspicious time of change. Bless this union for us
and the world. Amen.

And it is done.

Jan 14, 2011
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Jan 12, 2011
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