Jan 30, 2012
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No matter what we do, where we live or what religious beliefs we carry, we are all human and we unite in the haunting unanswered question, “WHAT HAPPENS TO US WHEN WE DIE?” If we could solve this mystery while we live, we might all rest in peace.

Tim Braun, a handsome, former Santa Monica resident is our gift because he brings heaven to earth by shining the light on the subject of death. It all began in the mid 90′s while Tim was attending USC to complete a degree in interdisciplinary studies. One night he had a life-altering dream that Mother Teresa touched him. 2 months later he found himself on a plane to Calcutta. When Mother Teresa saw him in India, she acknowledged him just like she did in the dream. He stayed for awhile to work with her, and when he returned to Santa Monica he was forever changed. Tim now works as a spiritual medium. I suppose you could call him a “living telephone” because he shares his unique talent of communicating with loved ones that have crossed over to the “other side.” He is on a mission to help others with grief, to resolve the unresolved issues, and answer the unanswered questions.

Tim knows that we are not our brains, our bodies, our clothes, and our home. We are not our bank accounts, our jobs, and our names. We are so much more. We are spiritual beings whose native language is love. Tim offers the hope that at the end of life on earth, there exists a place of beauty and joy where all our loved ones surround us, always. Tim provides the evidence that love doesn’t die. Love is boundless. Love is timeless.

“Death is just like changing locations, and going from one room to another”, he says. Those on the other side can see and hear us as if we are in the next room. And life continues. There are libraries and lakes, and people are busy, just like they are here. They have everything we have, except the addictions, the gambling, smoking and alcohol. He uses the analogy of living in different neighborhoods. If your life has been about helping people, then your neighborhood will be with people who are loving. If you inflicted harm on others, then you will go to a lower vibration.

I was absolutely captivated and I asked Tim to explain every detail of death. He went on to say that when a person passes from one realm to the next, they are immediately helped by a friend or relative who has already crossed over. Then you are given a review of your life and shown a film. … all the good you have done, and all the hurtful thins you have caused. The life review is good for some and not so good for others.

Tim works like a detective, seeing words, pictures and signals and piecing together the imagery. He gets name, places and facts. 98 percent of the time the person you want to contact comes through. They have free will just like us. They are watching, protecting and loving us. They come to heal, to say the I’m sorry’s, and to resolve the family issues. It is about love. They hear everything. Our thoughts reach. The veil is thin. A strong message they bring from the other side has to do with the issue of illness. They tell us that sickness is emotion, and can be healed by the power of thought. Deal with the issue and the disease is lifted.

Now, can we really believe all of this? Let me mention that the idea of death and reincarnation and life -after -life has been found in almost every culture and religion known to man since the beginning of time. It is only in our present culture of limited thinking in 3d reality need that we need man-made proof of everything. But ponder this? Can you measure love, and is love not real? I did speak with a woman who had a session with Tim and she said that her family was absolutely brought to tears. They believed because they wondered, “How could he have possibly known all the intimate details of the family?”

We are now entering a new millennium of amazing research and discovery. Health issues are being relieved by past regression therapy, and cancer is being eradicated through emotional healing. In a new book, Return from Heaven Carol Bowmen, testifies to healing children by reincarnation exploration. She is a pioneer in reincarnation research and incorporates the studies of Dr.Ian Stevenson, from the University of Virginia who spent 40 years documenting the true cases of children’s past lives.

It is a new day. It is time now to open to new soul awareness that we are eternal beings. Time now to dare to believe that we are more than this life. Contact Tim Braun Tim is personally recommend by James van Praagh and and is available for private readings. Contact Tim… You might just be a phone call away from heaven.

Sacred Recall by Audrey Hope
Jan 3, 2012
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And when I go to sleep
And drift off to somewhere else,
I never really know that morning comes,
And then it comes,
And this is my faith.

In sacred rhythm, the world beats-
Dramatic notes of night and day,
And seasons arrive, always and again,
And this is my trust.

And, after winter, spring,
And the stars forever light,
And the earth is still here,
And this is my hope.

For things are ever moving,
Circles and cycles and divine rotation,
A loyal steady force that never lets me down.
And this I can believe in!


Lifting me high above daily things,
Oh, the expectation, the beauty, the rapture!
and this is love.

And I know there is something more,
And I am more,
And I gasp in relief.
For this truth ends the search.

And in times of sacred recall,
The exiting, after the limited entrance,
I can use the logic of the sun,
The science of the moon,
That death is just another magical turn,
and again and again – am I,
For nature is my eternal proof.

Jean Harlow Revisited
Jan 12, 2011
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“I was haunted by a dream in a dark basement, with little light. There was a cardinal with a pointed hat of red and gold. He was wearing robes from a religious church. There were sounds of torture. Screams. Mafia-looking men surrounded the room. The cardinal’s ear was cut off. Someone was tied to a chair and forced to watch the torture. It was a horrifying scene with sounds of pain unfathomable to a human being.”

When Jenna Loren, pondered this dream, she was 17 years old, and had just arrived in Los Angeles from Rochester, New York to pursue a career in acting. She had always wanted to be famous. In high school she refused to wear regular clothes, and dressed in vintage 1930 gowns with ostrich feather hats. She cared little for what others thought of her. She smoked cigarettes, and never wore a bra and dreamed of Hollywood. Jenna left for Sunset Blvd with 2 dollars in her wallet, and when she arrived she had total recall for a city she had never seen before.

This began a long strange journey into the past. She got sick from hepatitis and was told she was not going to make it. She was on her deathbed, and began meditating 3 hours a day. In the deep silences, she heard a haunting voice over and over again saying, “YOU ARE THE REINCARNATION OF JEAN HARLOW.” She was given a book on past-life regression by Marcia Moore and knew that one-day she would have to meet her. And she didn’t die. She got crazy for holistic health, and began getting parts in movies. She was cast as the runaway daughter to George Raft, and thus began their amazing friendship. He took her everywhere in his limo, and one-day they attended a cocktail party where she was introduced to Marcia Moore.

“Everyone thinks they are the reincarnation of a famous person,” Marcia said, “ but I will work with you and investigate your strange experiences.” Marcia took her to Ojai to meet Barbara Devlin, another authority on past life phenomena. They tested her for 3 years under hypnosis. Jenna told them things about Harlow that was not public knowledge. Her voice changed into Harlow, and it was the same asthmatic breathing. They did charts, and correlations of both their lives. There was the total recall, the dates, the details, the relationships, and the coincidences… all too convincing. Barbara moved in with Jenna to write the book.

Once Jenna walked into an audition at MGM studios and there stood a man 60 years old who flooded her consciousness with deep memories. Jenna, (whose stage name at the time was Jean Lori), asked the producer, “Did you know Jean Harlow?” She said, “Close the door, I have a story to tell you. I am your old friend. I will tell you things that only you and I know.” He laughed. The man thought she was crazy. She said, “I will prove it.” Maybe it was the way she walked, the way she cried, the way she moved that held his interest. He said, “Okay, if you can answer this one question that is so secretive and personal, that only Jean and I know, I will give you my attention. What was the gift that Harlow received from a major political figure?’ Her answer was “An ear in a box.” He turned white as a ghost.

Jenna believes that the universe set her up- bringing people and events and circumstances to court her memory. There was her handwriting, and the addressees, the descriptions of places, the details- all things not public. Like when she met her apartment manager, Lynn Ray for the first time, and fainted. (Lynn was later regressed and remembered being Paul Burns, Jeans’ second husband, who murdered himself in the bathroom). One-day Jenna’s friend, Pearl wanted her to look at a house she was planning on buying. When Jenna heard the address, she described the circular staircase, the hidden rooms, the secret locks, and the wallpaper. When the real estate agent heard this, she asked Jenna, “Did you see this house already, obviously you have been here before?” This was the house that Paul Burns, Jean’s second husband bought for Jean when they were married.

Brad Steiger, the leading authority on reincarnation, who wrote 80 books on hypnotherapy also regressed Jenna and confirms her claims. “Jenna is authentic,” he says. Everything has been documented and witnessed- Jenna’s memory of the secret marriage of Harlow before she died; the quiet abortion from a quick affair with a San Francisco salesman; The memory of the abuse from the husbands she never loved; The heartfelt feelings for Lionel Barrymore, the love of Jeans life, and their sporadic affair and the memory of the caretaker of Jean’s grave who moved her body to a mausoleum.”

Jean was witness to major political conspiracies with a major political family. Jenna knew that Jean suffered the same fate as Marilyn Monroe and was murdered by sodium morpheme to the arm, though history thinks she died of kidney failure. She knew about the laundering of funds to Hitler through the church, the selling of arms, the transfer of drugs through dead bodies. She knew about, the secret murders -like when the cardinal of the Boston Vatican was murdered and replaced by an imposter. How one night at a dinner party Jean saw a murder and was forced into a basement to watch the torture. Jean was given the cardinal’s ear to keep her quiet. We think Jean Harlow did 27 films in 6 years, but there were also 4 porno movies she was forced to do as ransom for her silence. Jean Harlow was killed one year after that night. And remember Jenna’s haunting dream.

At age 20, Jenna put on a gown and picketed outside of the MGM studio, with a sign that said, “I AM THE REINCARNATION OF JEAN HARLOW. LET ME PROVE THAT REINCARNATION EXISTS.” She wanted to instigate the media. She knows so much.

Jenna believes that there is reason she was born 21 years after Jeans’s death. Her life is an echo of Jean Harlow. Her purpose now is to make a difference in the world, and to help people understand reincarnation and that they are multidimensional and so much more than this life.

Jean Harlow, Laura Jeanine Soures, Jean Lori, Jenna Loren. The name doesn’t matter. It is about a woman devoted to issues that have value to humanity. Time to wake up and be taken seriously.