PrayHer By Audrey Hope
Nov 11, 2014
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Come to your senses
Step into the age
Read signs of earth water wind
Learn the language of the land.

The time invites.
The light club opens.
Enter -
But only with bags discarded.
It is not about you.

Leave behind your story,
Family pain drama and disappointments.
Release identity and past
Stay the course, no matter what.

Stop the compartments.
It’s the whole deal.
100 percent integrity- all truth and healed.
Power is deserved and earned.

Be superior to events.
Remain happy from an inside home.
Find reward in following the plan.
Forge ahead, despite what comes.

Don’t be fooled by negativity trying to eat you.
Don’t be tricked by popularity of the masses.
Don’t expect validation from persons or things.

Stand, though the world is twisted and wrong.
It applauds the superficial, puts down the sacred.
Take up the invisible sword,
Reciting the secret code:
And pray…

Prayher precious ground with carry us.
Prayher seas won’t overcry.
And the only warming is the morning sun
To awaken us to battle another day.

Mother earth, be still.
Until the work is done.
We came to save you.
We came to be strong enough to save you.

Nov 11, 2014
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I want the kind of prosperity that comes from the light, the fire, the chaos, the jungle,
The battle –survived!
Like caterpillar into butterfly,
Like ashes into phoenix,
I move into something else, after going through something.
I come out, inside stronger.

People ask me, how am I?
I reply- I’m growing- brighter.
I now live in a frequency of depth.
With hand on my chest
I gasp with (Rumi’s words):
The gold that glows in your chest when you love.
Finally a rich destination, an arrival –to the heart.

I have to thank the peoplewho broke me apart,
The events that made me bend,
The times of darkness.
Cracking up, put me back together- better.

There is treasure in the ruins,
Jewels in thepain.
Falling from cave to mountaintop,
I look up and within,
I find a place beyond life and death.

This is the invisible wealth of which I speak.

I am not tricked by the rocky road.
I am not fooled by the hurting.
We are not to get lost by the process.

Instead, to know the higher scope,
Burns up the past, changes the movie, seals the new story…
Tomake the future of queens/kings.

There is hope for us all!

No matter where we came from,
Where we have been,
What we have done.
The soul burns eternal.
The sacred heart- beats.

This is the land of forever gold.
Built with the magic wordwand- Now!
God is not a window, but a place.
Time to move in!

Nov 11, 2014
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I remember a place above the sky
Beyond the sun,
Through the stars,
Before this world,
That is our real home- divine.

But it was as a child,
it was the angel’s kiss,
that made us forget from where we came!

It was for the mission,
the supreme plan-
To grow us into warriors,
To take the stage as gods,
To win back the earth.

And it has not been easy!

Did the hard work jade our knowing?
Did the real world steal our spirit?
Did amnesia taint our souls?

Did the invisible rules erase?
Don’t get lost in earthly things.
Don’t get distracted by the pain.
Don’t fall deep into the story.
Don’t unalign, unlight!

Hold firm to higher planes.
Let source connection transform,
Almighty forces reboot,
Burning everything into one truth-
Ourvolcanic energy of light…
Where you would not care what you did not do,
What you did not get,
Where it may hurt.

Tapping into soul reality, divinity- instantly
Switchesearthly questions into bliss-
How can I heal and serve?

Time to zoom up!
Time to wash off earthly dust.
Time to kiss back spiritual flames,
Time to unforget- our truth -
We are the angels.

May 3, 2014
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Dear Universe, Divine Matchmaker,

It is ordained in the heavens, that a time of soul mate love will be manifest on the planet. In alignment with the will of heaven, I decree sacred love, an enlightened love that sets my heart ablaze and rests on the foundation of truth, integrity and authenticity. This joining nourishes my mission to uplift the planet. We are equal- queen to king, for on a matched throne of power, love is real.

To find you, I follow divine laws of love, precepts that bring freedom to my soul. And like a science that makes sense, if I do the work, I shall have it. Therefore I will… discard petty details of my life and replace them with an unwavering commitment to the higher light. I vow to have the best, be the best and stop taking scraps. Holding the royal key of self-esteem, I will never turn from my true heart and voice. I end all victimhood. I close the book on stories of the past and end all negative thinking. Belonging to a new club of light, this magical connection can come from anywhere and to me in impossible ways.

Knowing the truth of the journey sets me free. Everything will crack and break on the way to true love. All roads lead to my own evolution. I can never escape not loving myself enough. Now I can stop blaming others and bless all chaos and pain.

I heal to find you. The law of attraction magnetizes persons and events for my soul’s unraveling. In the spiritual mirror of relationships, everything I need to clear and learn knocks at my door. I take notice or I will meet the same play over and over again. I ask the healing questions, what patterns, characters and baggage keep repeating and what are my relationships asking me to heal in myself?

I end all illusions about love. I will not be Cinderella walking off into the sunset with a savior to a white picket fence to live happily ever after. No denial. Relationships can be hard. Love can be maddening. In the reality of love, I am forced to peel onions, break eggs and melt walls. But in the shining purifying firelight, I will always become more, even if I go insane and rage in the process of transformation.

There is magic to find you. I must become what I seek. In the sovereign power of myself, I live without need and call forth my partner as icing on the cake.

Happiness lies where it always does, in the high frequency love and passion I give to every moment of my life, now and always. Whole and healed, the divine in me honors the divine in you.

And so it is.

The Sovereignty of Her Self by Audrey Hope
Jan 22, 2014
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It was many years ago that my mission to help women began. While working in a clothing store to support my acting career, I became heartbroken by the countless women who came in to shop and hated their bodies and what they were seeing in the mirror. No matter what size, what shape, or how old they were, they would tell me stories of how they were going to fix themselves to be more perfect. It horrified me and I had to do something.

I realized women’s lack of self-love and self-esteem was caused by society, harmful images in the media, the lies of our culture, and the untold truth of her story in history. Women didn’t know they were brainwashed and had lost their goddess power, so I had to tell them, just that. My goal was to inspire a revolution in perception, by the spiritual concept that enlightenment can happen in a moment if you tell her what she needs to know.

I created Real Women TV dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media, and life-altering perspectives which can transform our world. My work led me to interview the greatest voices of our age to set the record straight. My journey then expanded to one-on-one intuitive healing to help women end their suffering.

What has changed since the beginning of my quest? Women are taking on new roles and earning more in the workplace and finding lifestyles to suit their freedom, but the damaging disease of her self-doubt is still present. The need for her inner revolution -— lives.

The foundation of power is to align spiritual energy and to protect your divinity, every day and at every moment. The trick of losing source connection is to be distracted, confused, and to believe false belief systems. Make women bow their heads in shame, waste time on guilt and self-punishment, have them worry about age and weight and she won’t take her place on her throne and will miss the alignment of her center, her light.

The real crime is not what others do to her that is harmful enough, but what she does to herself because of it. And therein lies the key to her sovereignty — she alone can stop all self-slapping and self-criticism. She alone can take back her power. The amazing healing truth is women can transform instantly by feminine spiritual law — boundaries and vows of self-love and self-care. Her resurrecting elixir is her empowering choices, and her strong decrees. With the power of no she can command —

“Stop! Enough! I will no longer believe that I am not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, and young enough. I’ll no longer allow anyone to take my energy. I will always follow my heart and speak my truth. I will end the internal war from this moment forward and not focus on what is wrong with me.

I will open up the ancient spiritual knowledge that I am a powerful goddess. I will marry myself first, and for always.”

It‘s time for women’s strength in the world. The golden age prophesy is that the goddess will take back her throne and bring balance to an unbalanced world. When she is restor(y)ed, the men and the world will follow. The sovereignty of herself is the magic wand, for her, for all, and for the sake of the planet.

Apr 24, 2013
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One holy word
With power to move change-

Put in a chanted mantra,
It has inner revolution-

We should plant a new garden of paradise
With this sacred seedcode.
It grows real wellth,
And kills the icky weeds of greed.
It stops the hurtful morning wish,
To be someplace else,
Have something more,
Always wanting more!

Our lives are now commercials,
and how to have things,
As is owning, selling, getting
Is a formula to buy peace.
It doesn’t work, it can’t…

We aren’t in the right direction,
We are not on our knees,
We aren’t looking up,
Hands magnetized in holy reverence.

It is time to write a new earth song,
And recite it day by day.

Dear Blessed Mother Earth,
From earth keeper crystal to galactic sun
Let me care for you.
I thank you for this beautiful land I borrow,
For the walk on hallowed ground.
I see the simple majesty of sun, rose, breath.
The grace, the royalty of your splendor,
(So sorry I don’t say it enough.)

Apr 24, 2013
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One plus one equals three,
Source/God, you and me.

This holy math
Is in everything I am,
In all that I do-
The lucky formula for home,
The square root of power,
The equation of peace.

Once you could add in the question:
Should I look higher up to God?
Or stay down on the ground with my vices?
Perhaps then you could afford to wait,
Forget about subtracting karma,
And enjoy the market.

But now the world has no balance.
The old forms don’t work,
The red slip is delivered-
And well,
And now

You don’t need books or teachers
For front door truth-
We have to do the invisible math-
One plus one equals three,
Source/God, you and me.

The new account is the earned miracle…
Not what I receive
But what I can give,
Not my outer trophies,
But my inner strength,
Not money in the bank,
But light in my soul.

I must deserve my miracle and this is how:
1. Place myhand passionately on my heart
2. Decree I can change
3. Investigate and stop my weaknesses
4. Breathe in the god force
5. Say the mathematical prayer of becoming-

Love on the Ground by Audrey Hope
Apr 24, 2013
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I fall into you
But not the illusion.
This surrender is wild and raw:
Forehead pointing down,
Hands clasped to the brow,
Knees glued to the ground.

A surprise onion peel at midweek,
Asking me toget more naked.
The pain fuels the undress.

Awakened, I catch the plane
with stark wisdom
that I can no longer hold-
b.s, wasted time, false talk, false anything…

I try to tell my friends
What it has been like,
Almost losing you this month.

The hospital- a temple.
The nurses- as angels,
And holy objects of tubes,viles and blood.
A healer learning what heals.

I should know the battle points by now
I am not the commander.
I should know the road by now-
I always land the same
Deeper down in position.

Of all the things that could get me here,
My spiritual training, teachers, chants- India.
It is the real day that carries me someplace.
Wow, I am like the Buddha!
I embrace morning coffee truth-
That life can be so hard,
I don’t feel so good
And I am Oh so human,
And it’s okay.

Gratitude seeps in with
phone calls, and hugs.
Heightened reality comes on the backend.

God is in the day.
The day is my religion.

And Dear mom, I am so in awe of you staying
And the place I find myself in-
The transforming power of everyday living,
The bliss of everyday love.

HER MANDATE by Audrey Hope
Apr 24, 2013
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How sweet the tale
That restores the land
How profound the words
To herald her revolution.

The goddess returns!!!
Truth sealed in
Her story – not his.

It is a simple re-right, really.
The power is in the telling.
It sparks with electrical currents
To enlighten her, him- all.

O Goddess Queen,
Hear ye, with trumpets resounding…
Know who you are -
You are the fire, the battery, the sun,
The lighter of lights,
Making everything – more.

But they stole your story,
Cast out your throne.
With deadly pen,silent sword-
They cut out your soul.

Till now!
Undone. Unbelieved. Restoreyed.

In the name of the Goddess fire,
In Feminine Decree,
I (your name) hereby command,
To take back my ancient power.
I am the Warrioress, Angel and Queen,
The healer of the world,
The balancer of the age.
And now with magic scepter in hand,
I vow to love myself for always.
I will never again ask for permission to take back my throne.
I wait on nothing.
I reach for no one.
I fear not.
I am a Triumphant Woman,
Resurrected, Transformed,
By a self -love that can never be stolen,
By anyone, by anything, ever again.
So help me god.
Amen. So it is. So mote it be.
A declaration signed by (your name).

The Principal of Prosperity
Aug 9, 2012
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Prosperity is the mathematical equation of my souls healing.

As I move closer to center, subtract my stuff, more is added unto.

The magical returns- I sense wealth with less.

In the grand laboratory of abundance,

The experiment- balancing thoughts to equal happy words,

Controlling  the mind in theorems of positivity.

And my formula ends small.

More than affirmations and techniques,

Beyond secrets and laws,

Is the EQUITY of my soul’s deep journey.

The calculation is my authentic heart plus my real voice,

And bounty accumulates like night from the day.

My conclusive theory of ARN-

Appreciating  the Reality of Now.

The axiom so simple…


Work on yourself.

Become the goal.

Everything happens for the highest good of the soul.

Life is the real guru.

Lessons knock at the door,

the messenger arriving at the right time,

Showing  us what to do next.

Stop fighting the road.

You can never get lost.

The path is always about healing.

Prosperity is the reward of hard self work.

I invest in me, my growth – there’s gold.

I am the bank.

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